As it is correct to look after skin of elbows in house conditions

As it is correct to look after skin of elbows in house conditions

The dry, shelled, wrinkled skin of elbows is quite frequent phenomenon. Can be the reason for that: unbalanced food (therefore - the shortage of vitamins), the wrong skin care in this area or its total absence, age changes or habit to lean constantly on elbows, sitting at table.

Care for skin of elbows in house conditionsDlya of that that skin has gained smoothness, became soft and humidified, behind it permanent care is necessary. Every time, taking bath, it is necessary to rub elbows rigid bast, then – to smear with fat nutritious cream. If it is not enough, then more radical methods on care for skin of elbows are necessary.


To mix baking soda or the crushed sea salt with liquid soap (1:1), to rub elbows with this mix. Then - to apply any natural oil (almond, sesame) on 2 cotton pads and to primotat for 20 minutes to elbows. Such procedures it is necessary to repeat couple of time a week for the night. Pilingvzyat apple to cut on 2 parts, to get core with stones, to crush pulp knife directly in peel. To ship elbows in the turned-out "glasses" for about 12-15 minutes, then – to wash up and grease carefully with favourite cream or oil. Instead of apple it is possible to take orange or grapefruit, but they will suit very coarsened skin of elbows better. ProtiraniyaEsli on elbows cracks are available, they need to be wiped with broths of medicative herbs of 3-6 times a day (depending on skin damage rate). To take on tablespoon – turn, to fill in mint and camomile with boiled water and to insist 40 minutes, after - to filter through gauze. During the day to wipe with this infusion elbows. To store the turned-out broth in the fridge no more than 3 days. PitanieVybiryy cream, it is necessary to pay special attention to availability in it of the vitamins which are responsible for good condition of skin - E, A. If it appears insufficiently, then it is necessary to accept in addition vitamins C food. If there is need to put skin of elbows in order by the evening, then the simple recipe will help: to take glacial acetic acid, glycerin, hydrochloric acid (everything is on sale in drugstore) and honey in the ratio 1:3:1:4, everything carefully to mix and apply on elbows. After 3 minutes mix to wash away and smear skin with any oil.

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