As it is correct to make manicure independently

As it is correct to make manicure independently

It is simple to make qualitative manicure in house conditions. The high-quality tools and cosmetics capable quickly and without serious consequences to put in order even the most started nails will be necessary for you.

We put nails in order

In house conditions the mixed manicure with elements of classical wet and European not cut is especially effective. He allows to look after nails and skin of hands effectively. In advance stock up with all necessary. Tweezers will be necessary for you for nails and cuticle, files of different degree of abrasivity, wooden sticks or pusher. Do not forget also about cosmetics - cream or gel for removal of cuticle, hand scrub, liquid for baths, the moisturizing lotion.

At first remove old varnish from nails. Part in bath with warm water portion of foam or gel with the moistening or nutritious properties. Branded means can be replaced with soft shower gel with couple of drops of essential oil of lemon, orange or tea tree. Lower hands in bath for 5-7 minutes, and then blot them with terry towel.

Rub small amount of srub in skin and carefully massage brushes, paying special attention coarsened sites. Wash away srub, blot hands with towel and rub small portion of the moisturizing lotion. Give the form to nails by means of nippers or coarse-grained file. Length and form depends on the size of brushes and type of nails. To brittle slender fingers there are almond-shaped or oval nails, stronger, with the expressed joints the rounded squares will approach. Try that length of all plates has turned out identical. Apply gel or liquid for its softening on area of cuticle. Wait minute and remove thin skin to the basis of nails. Erase residues of cream wet towel wipes. If the cuticle has too expanded, accurately cut off it thin scissors or special nippers. Degrease the surface of each nail, having wiped it with tampon, moistened in liquid for varnish removal.

Varnishes and other coverings

The last point - giving to nails of final luster. It is possible to varnish only absolutely dry plates - at hit in moisture varnish the covering can become covered by bubbles. Apply the leveling protective base on nails and let's it dry. Turn bottle with varnish and rub it between palms, mixing means. Dip brush into bottle, rub off surplus about bottle neck. Paint nail in three steps, at first putting varnish strip in the middle, and then painting over sidewalls. At the end seal plate face, having carried out on them by brush with small amount of varnish. Let's covering dry and apply enamel with the second layer. Record manicure protective coating with effect of drying. It will add to varnish gloss, will enhance its color and will allow to dry up all layers of enamel quickly. You put top with thick layer that the brush did not leave strips. In 5-10 minutes the manicure can be considered complete.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team