As it is correct to make massage

As it is correct to make massage

To learn to do professional massage independently not so simply. It is over, it is in this case better to find the good expert that he has taught you couple of lessons. But for a start it is necessary to deal with the theoretical party of this question.


  1. Today the mass of schools of massage functions. They differ both according to the theory, and on practice of performance of receptions. But for self-massage choose the simplest and option, clear for you, at home.
  2. Carry out all receptions on the course of lymphatic ways, going to the next lymph nodes. Mass hands, since brush and reaching elbow joint. Further move to the axillary hollow. Mass legs from foot to knee, and then go to inguinal area.
  3. Basin, lumbar and sacral zones are massed to inguinal nodes. Sides – to armpits, to spin – from sacrum to neck. Mass thorax from breast in the parties, to armpits. Oblique muscles of stomach – from below up. And straight lines on the contrary. Carry out massage of neck from hair down to subclavial glands. Do not mass lymph nodes.
  4. Begin massage with big parts of the body. It accelerates the general blood circulation and lifmoobrashcheniye. Such technique favorably influences outflow of blood and lymph from underlying sites of trunk.
  5. When performing massage observe certain speed and rhythm. Consider condition of tone of each muscle. Duration of influence and effort of the application depends on it. Carry out receptions below threshold of sensation of pain. Do not make pauses between massage receptions. Finishing one, at once you pass to the following.
  6. The main methods of massage is stroking, puddling, grinding, squeezing, the movement and vibration. The first of them – the most widespread. It influences only skin as is easy and superficial. Carry out it palmar surface. Extremely weaken brush. At the same time close four fingers, and big take away to limit.
  7. Do stroking rhythmically, quietly, freely and easily, sliding hands on body. This reception is appropriate at the beginning of the procedure. It helps to come into contact with massed. Still it is applied after harsh moves and also at the end that makes the calming impact.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team