As it is correct to make up eyebrows with pencil

As it is correct to make up eyebrows with pencil

It is the simplest to give the beautiful form and shade to eyebrows by means of pencil. That hairs looked naturally, master simple rules of painting of eyebrows. The pencil can correct arch, extend eyebrow, hide bald spots. Well sharpen slate pencil and you hold near at hand the applicator for fast shading.

The sharpened pencil or the automatic liner with moderately soft, well sliding slate pencil will be suitable for eyeliner of eyebrows. Too soft product will be smeared, and rigid will scratch skin. The choice of color depends on shade of your hair. Bright black eyebrows add flying even to natural brunettes - better to prefer them the dark coffee or black-gray liner. To blondes go ashy and sand tone, and red-haired and to brown-haired women - chestnut and ochry scale.

Very convenient option - bilateral pencil. On the one hand slate pencil color, and with another - corporal shade. Light pencil bring eyebrows from below, under hairs. The slate pencil will hide growing stubs and also will lighten skin and will emphasize arch.

Pencils for eyebrows should not contain spangles. Ideal option - the opaque or satin slate pencil giving to eyebrows natural look. For laying it is possible to use colourless gel which is applied over pencil strokes and adds to hairs live gloss.

At first correct arch, having removed excess hairs in its lower part and on nose bridge. Do not pull out eyebrow in thread - the natural look is relevant today. The tweezers have to correct the natural drawing only. Too long, lokhmatyashchiyesya hairs can be cut with cuticle scissors accurately. Grind pencil slate pencil. If the liner too rigid, warm it in palms and draw couple of lines on hand - the slate pencil will draw more softly. Especially rigid pencil can even be warmed up warm current of air from the hair dryer. Begin to tint eyebrows from the central part. By pencil do small strokes in the direction of growth of hair, trying to press slate pencil not too. As necessary the arch can be extended or expanded a little. But be not overzealous - unnaturally wide and long eyebrows make heavier face. Having finished portrayal of temporal part, paint over the widest part of eyebrow - from nose bridge to the middle. Then accurately pound strokes the latex applicator that arches looked naturally. Do not rub in different directions - the applicator has to move from nose bridge to temples. In conclusion record eyebrows transparent gel or wax. It is possible to apply small portion of vaseline on hairs and to brush eyebrows with rigid elastic brush spiral. Conduct it from below up, moving from nose bridge to temples. If you do not like brilliant eyebrows, arrive differently. After coloring slightly powder arches, and then brush hairs with brush. Color will turn out softer and will visually rejuvenate face.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team