As it is correct to paint nails

As it is correct to paint nails

Accurate beautiful manicure will let any know that this woman is able to watch herself. And here is how to achieve such result? From outside, apparently, as if in it there is nothing difficult – simply to take and make up nails, but in practice it not so.

Preparation of hands for it will become the very first step for creation of ideal manicure. It is necessary to make bath, to remove or soften cuticle, to cut off and file nails and to polish them. After these procedures it is desirable to smear hands with cream, to wait until it is absorbed, and superfluous to remove napkin. It is impossible to leave the surface of nails fat as further varnish will lay down unevenly and long on nails will not keep.

After preparation of hands for the procedure of manicure it is necessary to apply basis for varnish on nails. Many women neglect it, considering that it is waste of money, but they are mistaken. When using basis, varnish keeps longer, and the nail plate is damaged not so strongly because it is protected from adverse effect.

The basis under varnish always quickly dries, within several minutes. Before applying color varnish, the bubble should be stirred up that varnish laid down on nails exactly. Time of drawing the first layer has come. Varnish on brush should not be much, but also it is not enough also. That which is enough for one nail is considered ideal quantity.

To begin to paint nails better from little finger, and here nails of thumbs on both hands to leave better finally. If the brush leaves mark on skin, then he can be moved away by means of Q-tip or toothpick. But when it is impossible to make it accurately, it is possible to leave everything as is – varnish will be erased from skin.

Always it is necessary to put two varnish coats – that it kept longer and looked accurater. The second layer can be put, having waited for drying of the first layer, five minutes. It is possible to do it by the principle of the first, and here it is necessary to wait longer – about twenty minutes. To use fixer or not – your business, but if to make it, then varnish will hold on longer.

With beautiful manicure it is not necessary to hide hands from other looks, and on the contrary, it will want to show them to all. Well-groomed hands – new step on the way to ideal beauty.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team