As it is correct to pick up means autosuntan

As it is correct to pick up means autosuntan

of the last years have convincingly proved harmful influence of ultraviolet rays on skin – it becomes dry, quickly grows old, the risk of development of malignant diseases increases. Nevertheless, the fashion for suntan does not pass. Special cosmetics – autosuntan help to resolve this contradiction.

What is autosuntan

Autosuntan is the cosmetic basis containing dye which gives to skin dark shade. By the principle of action the autosuntan is subdivided on bronzant, avtobronzata and accelerators of suntan.

Bronzanta represent tone means which paint skin in the necessary shade. They are not too convenient in application as they soil clothes and are quickly washed away, forming uneven spots on skin.

Accelerators of suntan stimulate development in melanin pigment skin that it is, theoretically, possible to lead to oncological diseases. Avtobronzata give longer, in comparison with bronzant, effect. Their active ingredient is polysaccharide dihydroxyacetone. In interaction of this molecule with proteins and amino acids of skin polymer melanoid which paints the upper layers of the skin in dark color is formed. At dying off of horn cages the effect of suntan gradually disappears. The advantage of dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is that it does not dry skin. The melanoids which are produced under its influence absorb ultraviolet rays 315-400 nanometers long (type A) and, so can be considered as photoprotectors. At the same time melanoids do not protect skin from UF radiations 280-315 nanometers long (type B). Besides, modern means for autosuntan may contain the antioxidants protecting skin from aging; the moisturizing and feeding substances; the components protecting from radiation UF. Autosuntan with reflective particles which give the shining and shimmering effect will be suitable for visit of discos and night clubs. Thanks to it skin is visually leveled and looks fresher.

How to choose autosuntan

First of all it is necessary to pay attention to means expiration date. If it has expired, you should not use autosuntan – it can lose uniformity of consistence and to leave uneven stains on skin. Besides, when using such means the risk of allergic reaction increases. On owners of white skin, fair or red hair and light eyes the deep intensive tan will look roughly and unnaturally. They will suit means with the tinting effect more: moisturizing milk or the modeling body lotion on which labels light is specified. In these means the concentration of DHA makes 2.5-3%. If you are going to spend long time in the sun, choose autosuntan with the SPF components. If you have fair or nutbrown hair and brown or gray eyes, can choose means like medium which contains 3-4% of DHA. To achieve skin of a natural type and its gradual darkening, it is better to use lotion, milk or mousse. Krem-avtozagar yields stronger and fast result. Owners of dark eyes and hair will suit means with dark mark with the maintenance of DHA 5%/If you have no purpose to give to skin chocolate color, too it is better for you to use lotion or milk as softer means. For instant correction of shade of face skin, it is convenient to neck and decollete to use napkins autosuntan. Saves time also self tanning spray: it is quickly sprayed on body and dries within 10 minutes. To be convinced that the chosen means suits you, apply it on imperceptible part of the body and check result in 2-3 hours. You can also grease with autosuntan paper sampler and attach it to body. Suntan has to be more dark than skin no more, than on 1-2 tones.

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