As it is correct to pick up shampoo

As it is correct to pick up shampoo

To have beautiful, well-groomed and healthy hair, it is necessary to make lot of efforts. But the most important in maintenance of excellent condition of hair, is the right choice of shampoo.

It is required to you

  • - shampoo;
  • - water.


  1. On search of suitable shampoo quite large number of time can sometimes leave. Some women for years look for ideal means which will help their hair to remain always beautiful. Others just chase fashion trends, trying to choose only the latest novelties. However, experts recommend to choose first of all shampoo proceeding from head skin type. Then search can considerably will accelerate and losses of volosik at the same time will be reduced.
  2. All is distinguished by 4 types of head skin. Dry or sensitive skin, normal, fat and mixed when there are sites with different type of fat content belongs to them. At dry head skin there are such problems as itch, peeling, appearance of dandruff. Hair at the same time gain dimness, break and become thinner. Acquisition of shampoo which will contain nutritious components will be the excellent decision in this case. It can be oils, vitamins and extracts of plants. All this will help to recover considerably head skin, to remove excessive dryness. And hair will become humidified and strong.
  3. Happy owners of normal head skin will suit shampoos which have to promote maintenance of balance. Extracts of herbs, for example, of camomile and vitamins can be their part. Lecithin in such shampoos will make hair even stronger and will not break water-in-oil balance. For summertime the normlny hair will be suitable shampoo with the maintenance of the UV filter better. It is much easier to pick up detergent for normal hair, you should not save the main thing.
  4. If oily hair, then shampoo on the basis of broth of nettle, horsetail, juniper is rescue. Such means not only will perfectly clean head skin and hair from excessive fat, but also at regular application normalizes work of sebaceous glands of the head. Tea tree oil has similar effect.
  5. The mixed types of hair are considered as the most problem. Here it is necessary to humidify dry sites and to normalize work of sebaceous glands. At the same time head skin peresushivaniye probability is high. Difference of the mixed type is that almost right after washing of the head the roots zhirnitsya, and tips remain very dry. Therefore microsponges which will clean grease sites have to be part of such shampoo. For food of dry tips at shampoo there have to be microspheres.

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