As it is correct to pierce lip

As it is correct to pierce lip

In ancient times piercing was done on lips in the ritual purposes. Today the jewelry inserted into the lower or upper lips it is craze. The procedure of piercing is quite painful, but it does not frighten off persons interested to self-express thus. It is the best of all to pierce lips in beauty shop. But, observing certain precautions, it it is possible to try to execute houses.

1. For a start it is necessary to be defined what type of piercing you want to make. At horizontal piercing the deep puncture becomes parallel to lip. Vertical assumes the hole made in the center of lip. There is still Monroe piercing, it is carried out above lip, not on the center that the similarity of birthmark was created.

2. Buy catheter needle and piercing in drugstore. It is better to take jewelry of titanium, they are hypoallergenic. There are piercings-labrety consisting of head and core or piercings ringlets. Labreta take root better than ringlets, besides, the last should be put so that they were located between teeth and did not damage enamel.

3. If you are afraid of pain, give injection of lidocaine or other anesthetic. Then wipe ornament piercing with alcohol. Do not wipe needle, it already sterile. After that carefully pierce lip with needle in front and insert piercing. The wound usually heals 2-4 weeks later.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team