As it is correct to prepare the image for wedding

As it is correct to prepare the image for wedding

brides do not know about what the correct preparation of the image for wedding consists of. Thus, they can meet some unexpected difficulties. That to avoid all this, it is necessary to follow number of rules.

The list of recommendations which brides need to observe directly prior to wedding

  1. It is better to dye hair in 5-7 days prior to celebration in order that residues of paint which have got on skin were washed away and the regional line of growth of hair looked accurately.
  2. In one or two weeks it is desirable to visit the cosmetologist. It is recommended to make peeling of face, neck and also to carry out the moistening procedures. If you have problem skin, then it is better to make mechanical or ultrasonic face peel. All this is necessary for the best firmness of wedding make-up and more equal natural covering.
  3. It is better to hold procedures for correction of eyebrows, face and body hair in 2-3 days prior to treasured date. It becomes for avoidance of undesirable hairs. Skin will manage to calm down, there will pass the redness and irritation.
  4. Eyelash extension, it is also best of all to do in 2-3 days.
  5. Building is easily replaced with attachment of hair on hairpins now. They are the different length and color, curly and direct. At cost will cost to you many times cheaper. In these questions it is better to consult with your stylist.
  6. It is better to hold trial rehearsal of your image (hairstyle and make-up) for few months prior to wedding in order that there was time for search of other stylist if something does not suit you. It is better to carry out sampler when there is already dress and the style of wedding is clear approximately to represent what there has to be hairstyle and make-up. Try to carry out sampler in the first half of day or even in the morning. So you will be able to check firmness of hairstyle and make-up all day and to see yourself in day natural light. It is recommended to carry out pass photoshoot that you have seen how you look in shot and from outside.
  7. One day before the wedding it is not recommended to drink alcohol, there is a lot of salty and to drink a lot of water. Try to be nervous and overtire less to avoid dim complexion.
  8. It is better to get enough sleep properly at night. Better that the bride spent the night one, or with the girlfriend or mother to avoid excess efforts on the house and not to be engaged in accommodation of relatives.
  9. In day X try not to be late to the stylist. Also you can organize its departure to you to avoid haste during creation of your image.

At observance of all these recommendations your wedding will take place smoothly and quietly, and you will be the most beautiful and happy bride.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team