As it is correct to remove make-up: description of means

As it is correct to remove make-up: description of means

left for the night on face is not only presenilation of skin, but also various skin diseases and also a number of cosmetology problems.

Active use of decorative cosmetics with its dense waterproof texture can lead to emergence of black dots and inflammations which will be already difficult to be hidden foundation. Therefore the question of daily removal of cosmetics should pay special attention.

  1. Dust, automobile exhausts, dirt, pathogenic microbes accumulate on face during the day and together with layer of decorative cosmetics create the impenetrable barrier which is not allowing skin to be saturated fully with oxygen.
  2. Thanks to continuous work of sebaceous glands, skin fat which collects in time is emitted. If not to wash away it together with cosmetics, then time will extend that will result in excessive skin oiliness, its grease gloss and some other cosmetic problems.
  3. Cosmetics left for the night – direct way to skin presenilation, loss of uniform complexion and appearance of wrinkles and zalom, especially in eyes and nasolabial folds. But not washed away ink leads to loss of eyelashes.

When choosing means for makeup removal it is necessary to be guided by several parameters: skin type, type of cosmetics and degree of intensity of make-up.

  1. Skins and gels for washing. Will suit women who use cosmetics on minimum. For those who use cosmetics with dense texture and in large numbers these means – not the best option.
  2. Cream or milk. On consistence remind thinnish cream, have fat texture and are capable to cope with dense foundation and concealer. It is not recommended to wash flowing water from under the crane after the procedure of clarification as chlorine can damage to the purified skin.
  3. Micellar water. Very delicate means for clarification which, removing cosmetics and pollution from skin, at the same time keeps its hydrolipidic balance, without overdrying and without irritating. Does not demand washing off, perfectly approaches all-type skin, but will not cope with thick layer of cosmetics.
  4. Two-phase liquids. Means represents the substance consisting of two layers: upper layer – oil solution, lower – cleaning. Before use the bottle is carefully shaken up, mixing solutions. Without problems removes difficult and waterproof make-up.
  5. Hydrophilic oil. Contacting to water, oil turns into easy emulsion and well purifies leather from any decorative cosmetics. It is not recommended to people with fat type of skin as oil can clog up pores that will lead to inflammations and emergence of black dots.
  6. Cleansing oils. Perfectly delete even thick layer of foundation, but for daily application are not recommended because of risk of blockage of time.
  7. For removal of cosmetics for about century and eyelashes it is necessary to use hydrophilic oils or two-phase liquids, or to get special means for removal of make-up from eyes. The main thing that process of removal of cosmetics did not cause discomfort and was not consequences in the form of burning and reddenings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team