As it is correct to remove make-up from eyes

As it is correct to remove make-up from eyes

For creation of the memorable make-up of the woman use huge arsenal of means from which lion's share is the share of cosmetics for eyes. To remove shadows, pencil, eyeliner, ink it is necessary by special rules to keep youth and beauty of eyelid skin.

At clarification of skin around eyes it is necessary to consider that eyelid skin very thin and gentle. It becomes covered by wrinkles quicker therefore during removal of cosmetics it is important to use special means. The correct eyelid skin care will help to prevent emergence of ""goose pads"".

Nuances of makeup removal for eyes

The women using cosmetics have to remember that it is required to remove make-up even after the exhausting working day or long party. The eyelid skin is drier therefore it sharply reacts to irritants. And at the wrong removal of make-up or lack of due clarification can even react with inflammation emergence, allergy.

Means for removal of make-up from eyes in structure has to have the moistening and nutritious components. Tonic, lotion, and for dry and sensitive – milk or creamy skin optimum will be suitable for oily skin. On trip or travel, campaign it is possible to provide to skin care, using special wet towel wipes. And removal of resistant cosmetics requires two-phase means. It is recommended to purify skin around eyes with the thermal, mineral or boiled, filtered water. Plain water from under the crane will not be suitable for this purpose. Liquid is necessary not only for the finishing make-up, but also cultivation of too dense means for makeup removal.

We delete meyk-ap from eyelid skin

At clarification of skin around eyes of the movement have to be the most careful, accurate, it is not necessary to pull skin. It is better to begin makeup removal with ink. For its removal it is necessary to moisten cotton pad with the chosen means and to put it to eyes. Ink moves away strictly through growth of eyelashes, from roots towards tips. In the absence of near at hand special funds it is possible to withdraw ink olive or castor oil. Cotton tampons at removal of make-up from eyes need to be changed as often as possible not to bring on mucous residues of cosmetics. Shadows and eyeliner, pencil are erased movements from internal corner of eye to external, it is not recommended to rub at the same time means for make-up. If you carry contact lenses, they by all means need to be removed before removal of make-up. After removal of decorative cosmetics it is important to remove the means remains from skin, for this purpose it is possible to wash warm water or to use suitable tonic. Use also cream for century after completion of hygienic procedures.

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