As it is correct to shave bikini zone without irritation

As it is correct to shave bikini zone without irritation

Practically any girl or the woman well owns technology of shaving of legs, and here the zone of bikini brings a lot of trouble. Therefore it will be a question of how nevertheless it is safe to carry out the procedure of shaving of this zone.

Whether it is necessary to shave bikini zone?

Success of the procedure very strongly depends on the chosen machine. Most often women use the machine intended for legs because it has limiter for prevention of cuts. Such machine at all not for zone necessary to us.

That the procedure was painless, try to use the men's machine. Men's machines it is certain better women's, their edges much more sharply, they are more slowly in a stupor also after them less irritation. You should not use disposable machines — they are not really effective because they are quickly in a stupor. Or get men's nozzle which is easy to installing on the female machine.

How to choose suitable means

There are very many different gels and skins for shaving. It is better for ladies who have sensitive skin to get female means — they contain different substances which nourish and moisten skin. It is important that means well foamed — it promotes the best protection of skin. Do not advise to use soap, its main destination is skin clarification, and it has the drying effect.

How it is correct to shave bikini zone?

If hair have grown rather strongly, then before beginning shaving, it is necessary to cut a few hair – when they short, the procedure is much easier and less painful.

For a start it is necessary to steam out area of skin in bath with warm water. After that hair will be softer, and skin will become impregnated with moisture, will become more elastic. It will reduce risk of cuts or scratches.

Further it is necessary to apply means to skin and to make foam it. Now skin is completely ready to shaving!

We start shaving

It is necessary to be located more conveniently and to take mirror well to see the place which you are going to shave. It is necessary to pull a little skin that there were no cuts and bruises. Movements by the razor need to be made towards growth of hair to avoid such unpleasant thing as growing of hairs into skin. The razor needs to be moistened in water every time, it interferes with getting injured when shaving too.

After the procedure it is necessary to wash up bikini zone with soap for prevention of hit of infection, after accurate to wipe inguinal zone towel.

If suddenly nevertheless there was cut, it is necessary to disinfect it, for example, peroxide of hydrogen or chlorhexidiny – these means can be bought in any drugstore, they are inexpensive and good. After that it is possible to apply the special aftershave lotion moisturizing and softening the skin.

Following these simple recommendations, to keep beautiful and smooth skin reliably and it will become for a long time much simpler!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team