As it is correct to shave legs

As it is correct to shave legs

Beautiful harmonious female legs – powerful weapon in seducing of men. But one natural beauty is not enough, it is regularly necessary to look after skin: to peel, feed, humidify and to get rid, of course, of excess hair.

Skin preparation

Shaving – the most popular type of depilation. It saves time, money and besides absolutely without serious consequences. Besides advantages the shaving has the shortcomings: cuts, the grown hair, irritation of skin. However all this can be avoided.

For a start well process leather of legs body scrub. It is necessary to peel the keratosic particles and to make legs more smooth. It is better to use srub in soul. So you will in addition steam out skin, having made it elastic, and hairs – soft.

At the next stage apply on legs means for shaving. It can be in the form of gel, skin or mousse. Try not to use soap as it dries skin. If near at hand there is no special means for women, use men's or replace it with soft shower gel.


It is necessary to shave legs only in the direction of growth of hair. Neglect this rule – basic reason of growing of hair. Use fine edges which shave absolutely from the first. It is good if they are supplied with the cooling small pillow or strip with the moisturizing cream. Repeated carrying out by the razor on the same site can lead to injuries and irritation of skin. You do not press too strongly on the machine, movements have to be easy and smooth. In process of contamination of the razor wash out it under warm water jet. After the end of procedure wash away the remained means and carefully rinse the safety razor.

Skin care

Skin after shaving very sensitive therefore it is necessary to apply the moistening means directly on moist legs. Blot them with soft towel and smear with cream or aftershave lotion. It is also possible to use milk or body mousse. Try to choose the means containing panthenol. This medicine effectively and quickly calms the angry skin, removes reddenings, burning sensation and the nagger. Consider, the more often you will shave legs, the quicker will grow new hair therefore think twice before carrying out the repeated procedure next day. You should not delete excess hairs just before visit of the pool, aquapark, sunbed or the beach. The chlorinated water and strong ultra-violet radiation can lead to bigger irritation of skin: to emergence of red spots and burning. For the same reason it is impossible to apply autosuntan to just shaved skin. It is the best of all to carry out depilation a day before the planned action.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team