As it is correct to shave the person

As it is correct to shave the person

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Any man wishes that the face after shaving was smooth, without cuts and irritation. But so it turns out not at all and not always. How it is correct to shave the person to achieve ideal result?

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  1. Be defined, than you will use. It is possible to choose the electrorazor, the disposable safety razor or the machine with replaceable edges and cartridges. Everything depends on reaction of skin to the specified tools and on your preferences. This management for those who have given preference to safety razors.
  2. Soften bristle by means of hot water or special means which facilitate shaving (washing by hot water will help skin easier to transfer so delicate process).
  3. Squeeze out foam or shaving gel on palm and evenly apply to face skin. It is possible to use small brush – for careful distribution of means.
  4. Begin shaving with cheeks, making smooth movements of the machine from top to down – in the direction of growth of bristle. Hair on this site of the person the softest are also easily cut off. After two-three movements by the machine, wash out it under water jet.
  5. Chin shave with easy movements of the machine from neck up. Start removal of bristle of mustache – in the latest turn that hair were well softened.
  6. Wash face and check quality of shaving. If there were passed sites, then remove with their edge moistened in water. Once again wash face cool water and dry up it towel.
  7. Use cream or aftershave lotion to calm skin.

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