As it is correct to straighten hair

As it is correct to straighten hair

It is difficult to style wavy and too fluffy hair in beautiful smooth hairstyle. And it is better to twist previously straightened locks - curls will turn out more accurate and accurate. For hair straightening use special irons and also the smoothing creams and sprays.

It is required to you

  • - mousse conditioner;
  • - hair dryer;
  • - iron for hair;
  • - varnish gloss;
  • - thermoprotective spray;
  • - the smoothing cream;
  • - hairbrush with rare teeths.


  1. Choose qualitative nippers for hair straightening. The best option - the device with the regulator of heating and smooth ceramic plates which do not injure hair. Such iron not only effectively smoothes locks, but also adds them gloss.
  2. Wash up the head and process hair the mousse conditioner adding gloss and smoothness. Then wash away it and carefully blot hair with towel. The next stage - drying phenom. It is not recommended to smooth wet locks - it very much damages health and appearance of hair.
  3. Sprinkle almost completely dry-through hair thermoprotective spray with ceramides and aminokoslota. It increases density of each hair, does it elastic and adds gloss. Collect the bulk of curls and fix by clips. Warm thermonippers.
  4. Begin processing with nape, then smooth locks on the top and in the last turn issue hair at the person. Separate rather narrow locks from the pinned-up hair, clamp them between iron plates at roots and slowly conduct the device to tips. If you want to achieve ideally straight hair, slightly extend locks down. If your task - not only smoothing, but also giving of volume, you take the lock clamped between plates aside, parallel to floor.
  5. Having finished processing, accurately brush hair with hairbrush with wide teeths and sprinkle them varnish gloss. Now locks can be laid in hairstyle or to decorate them with accessories - rims, tapes or hairpins.
  6. If your hair do not curl, but differ in excessive fluffiness, it is possible to smooth them by means of special cream. It straightens locks and the laziness keeps their smooth and brilliant all. At the same time means does not promote the fat content of hair and does not stick together them.
  7. Well comb clean and dry hair. Squeeze out on palm portion of cream of the size of hazelnut and pound it in palms. Then run hands over hair from roots to tips. If hair very dense, the procedure it is possible to repeat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team