As it is correct to sunbathe at the sea

As it is correct to sunbathe at the sea

Recently a lot of information on harm of suntan is published in media. However persons interested to have a rest at the sea do not become less. To minimize harm of ultraviolet, it is necessary to learn to sunbathe correctly.

It is required to you

  • - body scrub;
  • - the moisturizing cream;
  • - means with the sun-protection filter;
  • - water;
  • - coconut oil;
  • - gel with aloe;
  • - lotion after suntan.


1. Prepare skin for solar bathtubs. Optimal variant - peeling of body. It can be made as independently, and in salon. As a result of this procedure, dead cages peel, skin becomes more smooth. Suntan will lay down more exactly and will hold on much longer. After skin processing it is necessary to humidify and saturate with srub it carefully. However, this stage of leaving has to become obligatory for the entire period of holiday.

2. You come to the beach only in morning and in the evening when influence of beams is not so aggressive. From 11 to 17 o'clock it is much more dangerous to be in the sun. You do not aim at fast suntan. You see off on the beach of 30-40 minutes: it will be enough that suntan laid down exactly and did not do harm to skin. In the first days surely you apply cream with the high level of the sun-protection filter (spf). This means needs to be used throughout all rest and to gradually choose option with lower protective factor. Try to update cream after 1-2 calling the sea. You are not under direct sunshine: in shadow of trees or umbrella you receive more delicate suntan.

3. As much as possible moisturize the skin throughout all rest, suntan deprives of it moisture, accelerates peeling of dead cells. You can use both special means after suntan, and just good moisturizing body lotion. From peresushivaniye of skin and solar burns gel with aloe which needs to be cooled before use for strengthening of effect perfectly helps. Having a rest on the beach, drink more water, moisturizing the skin from within.

4. Remember that water reflects sunshine therefore you risk to get burn during bathing or water entertainments. You go to boat or the scooter - put on t-shirt and headdress. Be surely wiped, leaving water as drops on your skin, like lenses, will strengthen action of ultraviolet rays.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team