As it is correct to sunbathe in sunbed

As it is correct to sunbathe in sunbed

As there is a wish to begin beach season not pale as toadstool, and with body of pleasant suntanned color! Before holiday by all means it is necessary to visit sunbed, but how it is correct to make it not to get burns and too swarty skin?

Before sunbed

How you will be prepared for visit of sunbed, the effect will depend in many respects. Remember that if you did not go for similar treatment earlier, it is better to consult previously with the cosmetologist. The sunbed is contraindicated at skin diseases, diseases and pathologies of liver and hypertension. Dangerous the procedure can become at intake of some medicines. Besides, hormonal changes sometimes influence skin pigmentation – you can go to sunbeds spots. For this reason it is undesirable to visit him during periods, pregnancy or feeding by breast.

Just before the procedure do not take shower with detergent – it will wash away protective film from skin. Also it is impossible to be smeared with any creams or lotions which are not intended for sunbed. Especially you should not apply alcohol-containing spirits and other decorative cosmetics on body or hair.

Protect the most important

Special protection is necessary for some parts of body in sunbed. First of all, all birthmarks and pigmental spots prior to radiation should be smeared with special protective cream. If you on body have tattoos, it is better to cover them as there is high probability of blanching of the drawing or even allergic reaction to paint elements. Special attention should be paid to breast. Doctors do not recommend to visit sunbed with open breast, especially to women after 30 flyings. As for nipples, they need to be closed at any age and even in case of lack of other contraindications. For protection of nipples it is possible to use the same protective cream and also special slips or cotton brassiere. Hair also should be protected from influence of ultraviolet. Beauty shops, as a rule, offer special disposable hats for this purpose. You should not neglect this accessory – under the influence of lamps the structure of hair becomes thinner, it becomes fragile and brittle. It is possible to cover the head with cotton panama also.

Small cunnings

After drawing on skin of protective cream wipe palms with wet towel wipes. Sometimes such means contain small amount of autosuntan therefore your hands can become just brown. Also you remember that the face and breast always sunbathe quicker than other parts of body not to frighten anybody by unnatural and brick skin, cover the most gentle sites of skin with towel from time to time.

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