As it is correct to sunbathe in sunbed and to maintain suntan

As it is correct to sunbathe in sunbed and to maintain suntan

In spite of the fact that swarty skin looks very attractively, it is not necessary to be fond of sunbed excessively. Suntan in sunbed brings beauty and benefit to organism if to follow rules of this procedure and to use the necessary protective and looking after cosmetics before and after suntan.

Before visit of sunbed.

Sunbeds are very popular presently, after several sessions of artificial suntan you can and strike in frosts surrounding with beauty of the swarty skin. Suntan hides skin shortcomings, helps to struggle with pimples and inflammations, also it goes practically all. However, if to visit sunbed constantly, itself can do much harm - the skin which is constantly affected by ultraviolet grows old quicker, loses elasticity.

It is better to refrain from suntan in sunbed if you the owner of very light, sensitive skin or if you are less than 15 years old.

Before visit of sunbed it is necessary to learn contraindications to this procedure. If you go to sunbathe under the artificial sun for the first time, it is better to consult before it the expert. For example, the sunbed is contraindicated to young people up to 15 years, to people with skin diseases, to owners of thin and very sensitive skin, people with damages of integuments, to pregnant women and the feeding women.

As it is correct to sunbathe in sunbed.

It is correct to sunbathe very simply. It is necessary to take shower before session, to wash away cosmetics from face. It is necessary to apply funds for effective suntan on body. Beauty shops are on sale cream for various type of skin with different effects: moistening, food, strengthening of effect of suntan. Such means-bronzatory surely contain UV filters which will protect skin from harmful effects of ultraviolet. Do not forget to apply hygienic lipstick on lips also to protect them. If on body there are birthmarks, paste on them and on area of nipples of stikkina, so you will secure these gentle sites of the body. That suntan has laid down exactly, take off from yourself jewelry. Take away hair in tail and hide under special hat. After visit of sunbed it is better to take shower and to apply the cream after suntan moisturizing the skin, promoting fixing of swarty shade of skin on body.

Before campaign in sunbed do not forget to put on face the moisturizing cream with UV filters.

It is better to begin suntan sessions from 2-3 minutes, gradually increasing time till 10 minutes (no more). For maintenance of golden shade of skin you will need to visit sunbed of 5-7 times, doing intervals between visits in 2-3 days, gradually increasing time of stay in sunbed. It is not necessary to visit sunbed all the year round, it can do harm to health. It is better to visit sunbed systematically 2 times a year - in the fall and in the spring. Then you receive not only beautiful suntan, but also strengthen immunity, you will increase working capacity and lighten yourself the mood. To maintain solyariyny suntan on skin, it is necessary to use special means after suntan.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team