As it is correct to sunbathe in the sun

As it is correct to sunbathe in the sun

the flying many aim to receive beautiful suntan. However the wrong behavior in the sun can lead to burns and even to become the reason of development of cancer of skin. For acquisition of equal golden shade of skin it is necessary to know rules of beautiful suntan.

One of the most important rules of beautiful suntan – in the sun it is necessary to be only in the safest time. The sun in zenith – is the most active from 11 to 16 o'clock. At this time it is dangerous to be under open beams even to swarty people, not to mention white-skinned. Acquire tan only in the morning or in the evening.

Sunbathe gradually. In the first day in the resort it is not necessary to be in the open sun more than 10-15 minutes. Then time of solar bathtubs can be increased gradually for 3-5 minutes a day. As much as possible in the sun it is possible to be no more than two hours.

If on your beach vacation only several days are allotted, you should prepare skin for sunshine in advance. For this purpose it is necessary to visit several times sunbed – 5-7 sessions 5 minutes will give to skin light swarthiness and will prepare it for more saturated suntan. Surely use sunblock cream. It belongs both to white-skinned, and to people swarty by nature: the first have to choose creams with the high index of protection – 20-30, the second will suit means with lower factor – 8-12. If you are going to bathe, cream has to be waterproof. To stop using sun-protection means after several days in the resort does not follow – it is fraught with developing of malignant tumors! It is necessary to put sun-protection means in 20 minutes prior to exit from the house – cream has to be absorbed. It is necessary to update protective layer each 2-4 hours or after use of towel. Skin of shoulders, nose, forehead, breast and popliteal cavities is especially sensitive to the sun. After return from the beach surely wash away residues of cream, sand and salt from skin, and then apply on body moisturizing milk with B5 and E vitamins, lanolin and oils. This means will help to calm skin, to restore its structure, to give the healthy and shining look and also to keep suntan for long time. And last rule: people with large birthmarks are forbidden to sunbathe in the sun. Do not neglect this ban – so you will avoid danger of developing of melanoma. And if you want to surprise surrounding with golden skin color – use autosuntan. It is not necessary to be also long in the open sun to pregnant women and children till 2 flyings.

To receive beautiful and intensive suntan it is necessary to eat properly. Include apricot and carrot juice in daily diet – they are capable to accelerate skin darkening process considerably. After your skin gets used to daily solar bathtubs, begin to use oils or creams for suntan. These means cause the increased formation of melanin in skin, actively feed it and prevent developing of burns. Result of use of cosmetics for suntan – healthy and equal shade of skin. Sunbathe at water - it reflects the sun, and its beams influence your skin not only from above, and from all directions. Besides, for more equal suntan it is recommended not to lie, and actively to move.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team