As it is correct to take bath

As it is correct to take bath

House bathtub - excellent cold, pains medicine in muscles, insomnias and depressions. Having added to warm water of grass, foam or sea salt, you will make the procedure not only useful, but also very pleasant. Maintain the correct water temperature and you do not lie in bathtub too long - the procedure should not occupy more than half an hour.

It is required to you

  • - sea salt;
  • - starch;
  • - dry herbs;
  • - essential oils;
  • - almond oil;
  • - thermometer for water.


1. Before the medical bathroom it is better to take shower with bast and the cleaning gel or soap. It will purify skin and will make it more susceptible to useful additives. During the procedure you lie quietly, under the head enclose special inflatable pillow or the curtailed terry towel. It is possible to put mask on face - in the bathroom filled with steam skin is especially susceptible to cosmetic procedures.

2. Correctly choose additives for bathtub. If you suffer from muscle and joints pains, feel slackness and fatigue, try to conduct course of procedures with sea salt. In drugstore it is possible to buy salts with aromatic additives or without them. On full bathtub it is necessary for 1 kg of salt. Dissolve it in warm (about 40 wasps) water. Plunge into water superficially - on surface there has to be neck and area of breast. The procedure lasts 20 minutes, after it it is necessary to take warm shower. Take sea baths every other day, course duration - 10 procedures.

3. Bathtubs with infusions of herbs are useful to dry skin. Make handful of dry camomile, yarrow or train two glasses of boiled water and leave for half an hour. Then filter infusion and pour in it in warm water. It is possible to accept such bathtub 20-30 minutes, the body after it can be not rinsed.

4. The angry and inflamed skin will be softened by bathtub with starch. In warm water dissolve 5 spoons of potato starch and lie down in bathtub of 10-15 minutes. After the procedure plentifully grease the skin with the moisturizing cream.

5. At insomnia bathtubs with addition of essential oils will help. They should be dissolved in almond or other base vegetable oil - it will save skin from possible burns. On spoon of almond oil several drops radio - mint, lavender, rosemary are required. Water temperature should not exceed 37 wasps, and procedure duration - 20 minutes.

6. After bathtub blot skin with terry towel. The steamed-out body can be moistened with cream, milk or gel. Then put on spacious dressing gown and have a rest - after the weakening bathtub the rest is necessary for organism.

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