As it is correct to use bikini zone hair removal cream

As it is correct to use bikini zone hair removal cream

There are many types of depilation of zone of bikini. One of them is use of special cream. This way rather simple and sparing, however and for its successful use it is worth knowing several rules.

Choice of means

Hair removal cream splits keratinaceous layer of hair which when processing is just dissolved on the surface of skin and easily is removed from it under the influence of water and rake. Depilation by cream does not leave behind bristle as after shaving, and skin remains soft and smooth slightly longer.

Hair removal cream is widely used also for removal of hair from legs, but for zone of bikini it is necessary to buy the special cream intended only for it. The fact is that skin is standing many times more rough, than gentle and thin zone of bikini, and even the softest cream for removal of undesirable hair from legs is not suitable for this purpose.

Choosing depilatory cream for bikini zone, be reinsured: even if your skin is not inclined to allergies and irritations, choose means for supersensitive skin. Do not forget to test the bought means: for this purpose apply it to skin on elbow bend (in this area skin approximately same thin and sensitive, as well as in bikini zone) and in ten minutes wash away. If in 12 hours the allergic reaction was not shown, then you can use hair removal cream.

If your skin extremely sensitive, try to use the means intended for the person - their structure is even softer, than for bikini zone. However this option will suit only owners of fine hair.

Depilation process

Approximately for one day prior to procedure skin should be peeled soft srub and warm water. It will make hair slightly more softly for removal and also will help them to be exempted from the died-off skin cells around them: removal of hair will be fuller. Do not use soap just before the procedure as availability of alkali will adversely affect natural balance and protective barrier of your skin. Means for depilation needs to be put with even layer which will cover all hair. You should not rub it at all! For drawing surely use special rake which to you should depilate after cream works. You watch that cream did not get on mucous - there it most likely will cause irritation.

Some producers produce hair removal cream in the form of spray and with special soft sponge instead of rake. This sponge it is possible to depilate easily too, removing cream with slight circular motions.

You should not overdo cream, in most cases its influence should not exceed three minutes. Accurately, easy pressing, carry out by stick against growth of hair, removing cream. After you finish the procedure, carefully rinse the processed zone with warmish water and accurately get wet with towel. You should not rub skin, it is enough to put towel several times. Do not use creams with fragrances, and even the hypoallergenic softening cream can be applied only approximately in half an hour.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team