As it is correct to use essential oil of geranium for hair

As it is correct to use essential oil of geranium for hair

About advantage of essential oil of geranium are known long ago. This oily liquid with tart aroma has appeared in Morocco, but have quickly learned about it in Europe and Russia. Means is applied to hair care, and thanks to universality it suits all.

 Essential oil of geranium eliminates dandruff, itch and irritation of head skin, improves protective functions of epidermis, reduces hair loss and strengthens roots. Thanks to this means accelerate growth of curls and increase their durability and elasticity.

How it is correct to use geranium oil?

That oil of geranium helped with hair care and has not done harm, it needs to be applied correctly. It is important to remember that this concentrated means, so it cannot be used in pure form. There are several options:

  • It is added to shampoos, balms, masks and conditioners for hair just before application. On 40-50 ml of means 7-10 drops of oil there are enough.
  • With oil prepare grass conditioners: add 7 drops of geranaceous ether to 100 ml of grass broth. 2 times a week use conditioner, after hair become soft and easily comb hair. But it is necessary to choose herbs correctly. For normal and dry hair it is better to make sage and camomile, and for fat — calendula and nettle.
  • Masks with oil of geranium are preparing several minutes prior to use, they have short time of action — of 15 minutes till 2 o'clock. Means is washed away flowing water, and then wash the head with shampoo.

Using geranium oil in house conditions, it is important to remember that the course of treatment should not exceed 15 procedures, after that take break not less than a month. Purely essential oil of geranium is applied only in one case — do aromatic combing. For this purpose apply 2-3 drops on wooden hairbrush and carry out on hair.

How to prepare masks with geranaceous oil?

By means of this means fight against loss and section of hair, dandruff, accelerate growth of curls. Essential oil of geranium — cheap product which can be bought in drugstore, but thanks to the properties it will replace expensive cosmetics for hair care.

Mask with geranium ether for growth of hair

The girls dreaming of long and magnificent curls will be helped by multicomponent mask. For its preparation it is required:

  • 1 crude egg;
  • on 50 ml of warm water and castor oil;
  • 10 drops of oil of geranium;
  • 10 g of powder of mustard.

In flat dish stir mustard with water, then add other products to them. Mix is applied on clean hair for 30 minutes.

Mask with geranaceous and cedar oil

To prepare this useful means, 3 components are required: 70 ml of base oil, on 6 drops of ether of cedar and geranium. As the main means it is possible to choose corn or olive oil. It is heated on water bath, then add essential oils. The mask is held on hair of 30 minutes.

Geranaceous mask against the section of hair

That geranium hair oil fought against the section of hair, with it prepare simple means. For this purpose in 50 ml of shampoo pour 30 ml of burdock oil and as much mayonnaise, mix, and before drawing add 8 drops of ether of geranium. The mask is held on hair of 40 minutes.

Mask from dandruff

If it is not possible to get rid of dandruff usual means, the mask for hair with geranium and aloe will help. The big leaf of plant is washed out and crushed in gruel, add 20 g of honey and 15 ml of juice of lemon, before drawing on hair in mix drip a little geranaceous oil. It can be combined with ether of fir or eucalyptus.  

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