As it is correct to use fat creams

Fat creams first of all are intended for skin nourishment. Correctly picked up fat cream will save skin from tightening and peeling, will make it elastic and gentle. You should not be afraid of too heavy texture of such creams. At the correct application they are useful and very effective.


1. Clean face before applying on it cream. There will be not enough simple washing. Use special means, for example milk or gel for washing.

2. You put fat cream on the cleaned and dry face with slight circular motions. You should not rub cream in skin. If cream is not absorbed at once, nothing terrible. Wait for minutes five-ten, and then blot face with tissue and remove residues of cream.

3. Use fat night cream not later, than for hour to dream. It has to manage to be absorbed well in skin. If next morning traces from cream are visible on pillow, next time apply cream to skin a bit earlier before going to bed or replace cosmetic. Perhaps, it does not suit you.

4. You apply day fat cream in forty minutes prior to exit from the house. Such cream is especially useful during the winter period as it protects skin from temperature drops and reduces risk of irritation because of frost and wind.

5. Use fat face and body cream after acceptance of solar bathtubs. You apply cream after shower to clean, slightly moist skin, paying special attention to decollete zone and also elbows, knees and stupnyam. The sun dries skin, and fat creams feed it and return elasticity and velvet.

6. Apply fat mitigation creams and skin nourishment of hands and legs. Night masks are very useful to hands and legs, especially if skin on them dry and rough. Before going to bed make bath with sea salt for foot and hands. Then wipe foot towel, apply on them nutritious fat cream and put on cotton socks. Put on the hands greased with cream gloves or mittens from cotton. Take off socks and gloves in the morning. Skin will become after that soft and gentle.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team