As it is correct to use foundation: councils and recommendations

As it is correct to use foundation: councils and recommendations

Tone means is basis of make-up. Foundation helps to disguise some shortcomings. However there are many subtleties connected with use of tone means.

As it is correct to pick up foundation

First of all, when choosing foundation it is necessary to be guided by skin type. For the combined or oily skin the modern producers produce sprays or fluid means. Such texture practically excludes fat oils. It is ideal if tone means for oily skin contains extract of witch-hazel or tea tree oil.

Foundation for dry skin had to moistening and nutritious, to contain lactic acids and vitamin E and also proteins. Foundation for dry skin first can seem unusually liquid, but such consistence provides due dry skin care and the maximum masking of shortcomings.

Dense cream and various flow down (pencils) are intended for normal skin. And as this type of skin has no obvious defects and problems, it is possible to use, in fact, means of any consistence.

Councils for use of tone means

First of all, acquire one rule – any decorative cosmetics needs to be applied to clean skin. Surely wash with use of the cleaning means and wipe face with tonic. If skin is insufficiently clean, then foundation will lay down unevenly.

The tone should not look on your face as mask therefore try to apply the most thin film of means. If foundation seems to you too dense – mix it with the moisturizing cream in proportion 1 to 3.

You remember also that foundation is not panacea and not magic wand which will hide all shortcomings. To hide defects of skin it is necessary to use special means – proofreaders and concealers, and it is necessary to apply them before drawing tone means.

Quite often happens and so that we will a little be overzealous with drawing tone means. In this case blot face with napkin and powder skin a little. Compact powder in this case cannot be used – only friable as it contains the adsorbing particles.

It is necessary to put tone means from the center to the periphery. If to do in a different way, then small wrinkles and enlarged pores will be more noticeable as will absorb more means. Also It should be noted that it is not recommended to take too much foundation at once – if to apply cream in small "portions", then he will lay down more exactly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team