As it is correct to use hair curlers for beautiful hairstyle

As it is correct to use hair curlers for beautiful hairstyle

Each woman wants to be beautiful and is ready to do anything that to achieve it. One of components of beauty are the accurately styled hair or smart wave. Curls can be made by means of the hair dryer or hair curlers. By means of hair curlers the wave will longer keep and to look remarkably.

It is required to you

  • tonkozuby with the thin handle and coarse-tooth hairbrushes, spray, hair curlers.


  1. For a start carefully wash up the head and dry up, but it is desirable in the natural way. Hair have to be damp, but not wet.
  2. Then take tonkozuby hairbrush with the thin handle by means of which you will separate equal locks of hair for wave.
  3. It is useful also spray for wetting of already dried up sites of hair. Moist hair give in to wave better, and curls will longer keep.
  4. For fine hair it is possible to use easy styling foam. Curls will be recorded in state necessary to you.
  5. Sometimes for laying it is required to impose gel on hair. Distribute it evenly thin layer on all length of hair.
  6. It is the best of all to begin wave with the middle of the head in the direction in front back, gradually separating locks and winding them on hair curlers.
  7. It is necessary that locks exactly and strong adjoined to hair curlers. For this purpose delay a few hair, but be not overzealous. It is not allowed that excess hairs stuck out of the hair curlers of hair twisted on the roller.
  8. Long hair should be wound thin locks. In that case they will quicker dry, and you will achieve smart curls.
  9. At short hair it is recommended to extend them, wrapping them piece of paper - so will wind more conveniently them on hair curlers.
  10. If you have hairstyle in short flight of stairs or cascade style, it is necessary to twist upper part on large hair curlers, winding hair from hair parting in the direction to the left and to the right from top to down. So you receive volume hairstyle.
  11. It is not required to comb hair after wave if you want to keep curls in original form. When receiving volume hairstyle it is necessary to comb hair coarse-tooth hairbrush.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team