As it is correct to use hair gel

As it is correct to use hair gel

Variety styling means allows to create hairstyle of any complexity both in saloon, and in house conditions. It is only necessary to pick up product for laying and competently to use it. What nuances exist when forming hairstyle with the help by hair gel? And who suits such means?

Hair gel – effective and simple means in application for laying. This styling product can differ on extent of fixing. There are both transparent gels, and color – yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. It is possible to use for creation of hairstyle gel with effect of straightening, wet hair, the moistening means, the product giving to hair volume.

The basic rule at hair dressing by gel – not to use too much means, otherwise hair look unnaturally. They will resemble icicles. It is correct to style hair gel, applying the minimum quantity of means that the head of hear did not seem fat on roots. Today gels in format of aerosols, jelly or just liquid means are on sale. Skillfully using them, it is possible to achieve amazing result without assistance, creating men's or female hairstyle.

The fixing properties of gel are reached thanks to inclusion in composition of complex polymers which envelop hair.

The fixing gels optimum are suitable for dry hair, they in addition moisten curls and add them gloss. Also these apply styling products to laying of unruly hair to cope with problem of static electricity. Gels protect hair from sunshine, products quite often enrich with vitamins and other useful substances. If you want to receive smooth hairstyle, small amount of gel is caused on sites which you wish to emphasize. The same way is suitable for allocation of separate locks, for example, of bang.

Liquid gel is used for obtaining effect of wet hair, drying curls the diffuser. For this purpose it is necessary to pound a little gel in palms and to apply means on damp locks, it is necessary to dry up head of hear only slightly, modeling hairstyle voluntarily. Such hairstyle is ideal for owners of short hair or average length. To make hair volume with gel simply if to apply several drops on damp or dry locks, and then to dry up them with brushing. At the same time it is necessary to tighten up curls at roots. If necessary it is possible to find video as it is correct to do volume hair with geelm for laying.

Using gel for laying, it is possible to make curls by means of thermo or usual hair curlers. Means is applied on locks before they are wound on spiral or other types of hair curlers.

It is easy to use also aerosol gel, it is possible to model hairstyle with its help fingers or hairbrush. For this purpose gel spray from distance 20-30 cm on dry curls, well distribute means brush on hair and give the form to laying.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team