As it is correct to use perfumery

As it is correct to use perfumery

In use of perfumery there are special rules which are desirable for knowing and observing. Spirits are the special accessory capable to emphasize identity and to make your image unforgettable.


  1. The rule No. 1 Perfume aroma it has to be felt only at arm's length. To reserve multimeter loop it is considered bad form.
  2. Spirits it is the best of all to apply rule No. 2 on those parts of the body where pulse is well probed. At the same time it is desirable to choose places which will be hidden by clothes and hair - elbow bend, behind lobes of ears, dimple between clavicles, nape.
  3. Rule No. 3schitayetsya correct to apply perfume under clothes, but not on it. Besides, spirits should not contact to metals - as a result of reaction the smell can turn out very unpleasant.
  4. Rule No. 4 Oily skin in a different way perceives aromas, than dry. That spirits on owners of dry skin kept longer, it is possible to grease pulsation points with cream or milk for body, and then already to spray perfume.
  5. Rule No. 5luchshe of everything to use perfume after reception of bathtub or shower - moist hair and skin perfectly absorb aromas and longer keep them.
  6. Rule No. 6esli you want to give to hair pleasant perfume aroma, apply a little perfume on hairbrush and walk on clean head of hear several times.
  7. Rule No. 7ostavte impudent, bright and tart aromas for evening exits, is better to use reserved and unostentatious spirits in the afternoon.
  8. Rule No. 8 Sweet east aromas are relevant for cold season. In the flying and it is better to give preference to slight and fresh spirits late spring - to citrus, flower, green. In warm weather the intensity of smells is always stronger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team