As it is correct to use wax strips

As it is correct to use wax strips

Modern girls have in the arsenal beauty huge number of means and ways for removal of undesirable hair. And it is possible to delete unnecessary vegetation both in house conditions, and in salon. Among house methods still the most widespread and the most effective remain use of wax for depilations or wax strips. The procedure will be more effective, and result dolgovremenny if to conform to some rules.

It is required to you

  • - wax strips;
  • - srub;
  • - chlorhexidin or Miramistin;
  • - balm or cream after depilation;
  • - body oil or any vegetable oil.


1. Be prepared for the procedure in advance. Choose time – best of all evening or the day off when you do not need to go anywhere. For good result length of hair has to be not less than 0.5 cm.

2. Take hot shower. Hot water will soften the upper layers of the skin, will open time. It is much easier to take hairs from the steamed-out skin.

3. Process legs srub. Try to choose as much as possible sparing means for peeling.

4. Prepare wax strips. Rub the strip folded double between palms of 30-40 seconds to kindle wax. If business happens in the winter, then the strip can be heated, having put on the heating battery and having left for 10-15 seconds. If desired for warming up it is possible to use the hair dryer, having directed stream of hot air to strip with wax.

5. Develop strip and impose it on the prepared skin of the site which needs processing. Leave edge of strip free in order that then the strip was convenient to be removed. Carefully, slightly pressing down, smooth strip surface on skin, moving in the direction of growth of hair.

6. Hold skin, kind of slightly pulling it on the site where the strip is located. Thereby you reduce pain and will make removal of hair more effective. Other hand sharp confident movement break strip from skin, moving in the direction against growth of hair. Process thus everything the surfaces of body needing depilation.

7. Remove residues of wax from skin by means of any body oil. If there is no body oil near at hand, then will approach olive or even sunflower.

8. Wipe the skin which has undergone the procedure of epilation, solution of chlorhexidin or Miramistin. It is necessary for reduction irritation and in order that the infection has not got into the smallest wounds which have remained on skin after the procedure.

9. Grease the processed sites with special balm or cream after epilation. It is good if in its structure there is tea tree oil which is famous the healing, calming and anti-bactericidal properties.

10. Fold double and remove wax strips. They can be reused in 2-3 weeks when hair grow.

11. Try at least several hours after epilation not to put on jeans, trousers, tights or stockings. Give to skin time to recover after the procedure, but do not irritate her with even more clothes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team