As it is correct to wash the head

As it is correct to wash the head

Beautiful and healthy hair are subject of female pride. For this reason permanent care of them is so important. Dirty hair are fraught with appearance of dandruff, their loss, inflammatory processes in head skin and even headache. It is important to be able to wash them correctly.

It is required to you

  • - suitable shampoo.


  1. Many women consider that it is impossible to wash the head too often. But this delusion. This procedure is relevant to any type of hair at least once in two days. It is absolutely harmless. If hair are too quickly salted, wash the head though every day. The main thing - buy only soft modern detergents.
  2. Select shampoo the hair corresponding to your type, well rinse them after washing, do not rub, do not pull and do not unscrew hair.
  3. Before washing the head, vigorously and carefully comb hair. Thus you stimulate blood circulation in hairy part of the head that will allow to saturate roots with nutrients in large number. Besides, by means of brush all dirt, dandruff and the remains of means for laying is removed. Also combing before shower will help hair not to get confused when washing.
  4. If you have dry or dyed hair, before washing make massage of the head for 10 minutes. Carry out circular motions, shifting skin. At the same time rub sunflower, burdock, castor, linseed or hempseed oil in skin. After washing of such hair rub in damp locks of a little special liquid oil. Remove surplus of means by means of dry towel.
  5. Adjust the water temperature with which you wash the head. It should not be too hot. Warm water well dissolves skin fat, perfectly removes dirt, improves blood circulation of head skin. And too hot water leaches hair and activates sebaceous glands.
  6. At the end of washing rinse the head cold water. It will give to your curls healthy, natural and beautiful gloss, and the improved blood supply is guaranteed to head skin.
  7. You do not apply shampoo directly on hair as so it is badly distributed on locks. Part the necessary amount of detergent in small amount of water and wash this solution hair.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team