As it is correct to wash to avoid appearance of wrinkles

Appearance of early wrinkles is directly connected with how correctly we wash. Morning washings I help all organism to wake up, delete from skin of micropart of bed linen, creams and the skin cells which were dead in night. Washing in the evening, we remove from face of part of dust, dirt, skin fat and the remains of make-up. In old times our grandmothers washed "live" spring or well water, collected melt and rain water. And now in the crane the "dead" chlorinated water flows, there are acid rains and snow. Therefore very much early not to receive the first wrinkles, it is necessary to learn to wash correctly.

Water has to be soft. It is possible to reach it simple boiling. For washing of dry skin add quarter of teaspoon of soda to water, for fat – lemon juice in the same quantity.

In the evening for washing of dry skin it is better to use water with bran (tie in gauze and immerse for 10 minutes in water), for oily skin – contrast washing, finishing with cold water. For washing it is possible to add broths of herbs to water.

For dry skin add broth of parsley, camomile or linden to water, for fat - infusion of sage, train, plantain, bark of oak, St. John's wort, for normal - infusion from petals of roses, coltsfoot leaves. For sensitive skin add starch teaspoon on liter of water or milk.

Water for washing has to be room temperature. Hot water expands vessels, reduces elasticity of skin, cold water on the contrary narrows vessels and worsens blood supply. All this leads to early withering of skin.

Not to use toilet soap for washing. Having the alkaline environment, it overdries skin, accelerating aging process. It is necessary to use various means for washing according to the type of skin.

It is necessary to purify skin from time to time. Most softly it will be made by oat flakes with ground rice: 0.5 the tsp of the rice ground on the coffee grinder mix with 1 tablespoon of oat flakes and add warm water that it has covered mix. In five minutes add sunflower oil and, carefully massing, apply to face skin. In minutes five wash away the water prepared for washing. Skin becomes smooth with opaque shade.

It is good to clean oily skin by means of horsetail broth (1 tablespoon on 1 l of water). Moisten with broth the gauze put in several layers and put on face, periodically moistening in process of drying. In half an hour wash water of room temperature.

The combined skin is purified with lilac infusion (1 tablespoon of the picked flowers on 0.5 St of boiled water insist 4 hours), wiping with cotton tampon in the morning and in the evening.

Will purify any skin, will moisten it and will rejuvenate 1 tablespoon of juice of aloe of the divorced 1 cup of water.

Learn to wash correctly and the main thing - you remember that it is necessary to do it daily, but not occasionally.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team