As it is easy to get rid of dandruff

As it is easy to get rid of dandruff

One of the most widespread problems in hair care, is dandruff. It arises because of stressful situations, bad food and use of low-quality care products.

What will help to get rid of dandruff:

Oil from dandruff

Fight against the died-off parts of skin – difficult process. The most popular means for fight against dandruff call burdock oil. It can be bought in any drugstore. Use separately or together with other ingredients, such as honey or juice of onions. That the effect was stronger, it is necessary to wrap the head hat and to warm towel. Hair after the first application will have healthy appearance.

Essential oil normalizes skin flaking. Often applicable oils: cypress, cedar, eucalyptus, ylang-ylang, rosemary. Several drops will help your hair to find softness again and to become brilliant. Also it is possible to apply a little fragrant ether for growth stimulation to skin.

Tea tree oil is used for fight against dandruff together with very oily skin. Couple of drops, mixed with shampoo, will give to your hair healthy look and will please with poslushnost.

Masks with use of castor oil will strengthen follicles. It is possible just to apply to skin or to use together with shampoo for efficiency. It removes dryness and tones up.

All oils have properties which promote strengthening of hair and disposal of set of problems. Olive oil, lavender, coconut, linen, sea-buckthorn, almond – all are good in independent application or in combination with other dandruff medicines.


One of the best recipes from dandruff, however, has one minus - it is peculiar smell which remains even after the washed-up head. Literally from the first application the result is visible. It is possible to use both broth from onions peel, and just juice. The rich quantity of microelements and vitamins well cope with problems of skin and add gloss.


The pounded 2 tablets are enough to be added to one portion of shampoo. Carefully we wash away shampoo with warm water. Aspirin helps to remove the naggers and peeling.

It is optional to buy expensive means for strengthening, most of them can be made in house conditions. And their effect will be noticeable practically after the first application.

But you should not be fond and experiment, it is only necessary to pick up such components which will be ideal for your head skin. Our hair always demand leaving. There is enough once a week for the purpose of prevention to rinse broth or to do the strengthening pastes, then hair will begin to shine again and will have healthy appearance.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team