As it is easy to get rid of pimples

As it is easy to get rid of pimples

Pure and healthy leather is dream of any person. But, unfortunately, often everything happens far not so well as we want. Acne rashes and pimples – quite widespread problem caused by improper feeding and bad ecology.

If there is desire to quickly overcome problem, then for a start it is necessary to understand what nature is carried by appearance of pimples. If they develop in the form of rash, fight against them does not bring any results, skin reddens and hurts, then it is necessary to see doctor since, perhaps, this infectious disease demanding special treatment. If appearance of pimples has dot character, it is possible to start independent treatment.

First of all, it is necessary to start systematic skin care, taking into account its type. Leaving is based on clarification, food and moistening. Fine means is application of the masks from clay allowing to clean skin and to eliminate inflammatory processes. For clarification it is also necessary to use soft means on gel basis. They should not contain abrasive particles which only irritate the skin.

It is necessary to watch food. It is better to exclude from diet fat, sweet, products of fast food and also coffee and alcoholic beverages. It is necessary to eat more fruit, vegetables, various cereals, green tea. It is also necessary to get rid of addictions: smoking and alcohol as they cause metabolic disorder owing to which pimples develop. One more means helping with disposal of acne rash is usual water. The organism in day needs not less than 2 liters of liquid if it does not receive it, problems with work of stomach and intestines begin that, in turn, leads to problems with skin. It is possible to purge intestines, drinking every morning water half of liter, having added salt teaspoon there. Salt perfectly brings hazardous substances out of digestive tract. In hour after that it is necessary to drink glass of kefir which promotes restoration of microflora. Among other things, it is necessary to watch condition of nervous system. It is impossible to worry at all since eels and pimples often arise because of nerves. Special medicines give good effect. It is necessary to apply them according to the instruction of the producer. It is also possible to get any SOS means which will help to get rid of suddenly developed pimple quickly. It should be noted that only integrated approach to disposal of pimples will be able to yield satisfactory result. Especially to follow all advice given above as easy as shelling pears. Thus process of disposal of pimples will become easy and even pleasant.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team