As it is easy to get rid of pimples on forehead

As it is easy to get rid of pimples on forehead

Skin of forehead has large number of sebaceous glands therefore in this zone the acne rash often develops.

All problem is in the condition of organism because just their scattering on face always has the factors of influence. For a start it is necessary to put the state and immunity in order as it is required to strike in the center of their emergence. It can be only reaction to water, and you will stuff in yourself heap of drugs and to buy the whole mountain of creams and medical masks.

If such emergence on your face is continuous, then it is time to think of visit of the dermatologist. He will help to define correctly the reason of their emergence and will quickly find the correct solutions for their elimination. There is no sense to heal, then all work will be vain, and they will appear again.

Pimples can develop for the reason:

  •           problems in intestines;
  •           imbalance in work bilious or pancreas;
  •           reaction to medicines;
  •           lack of hygiene of the person.

Our condition of the person directly depends on food. If such problem with zone of forehead is, it is necessary to reduce amount of greasy food, sweet, and to replace tea or coffee with fruit or juice. They will fill your shortage of vitamins and will keep organism in tone. It is useful to drink since morning kefir for the correct work of intestines, addition in usual diet of large number of the vegetables and fruit containing cellulose. Consumption of meat is useful.

There can be it that work bilious or pancreas is broken, and it can become the reason of appearance of pimples too. Self-treatment not option. The best decision to address the expert (gastorenterolog).

There are cases that drugs can cause side effects. It is serious therefore the doctor is simply necessary. Such medicines as hormones, vitamins, antibiotics, dietary supplement, oral contraceptives have ability to influence harmful organism at discrepancy of the accepted doses.

It is not necessary to self-medicate in these cases. Happens that the wrong hygiene of the person will lead to emergence of large number of pimples. Not to allow it, it is required to adhere to points:

  •           to often wash face water;
  •           use of means as your skin;
  •           use of quality cosmetics.

To overcome this disease, it is necessary:

  •           to drink in the morning glass of water for disposal of slags;
  •           to add lemon to water for washing;
  •           to wipe face with ice cube;
  •           use of masks.

Not to be spent for purchase of masks, it is possible to prepare them in house conditions. To fill in oat-flakes with boiled water and to put on face or polished carrots with cottage cheese. But the most effective is the mask with use of juice of aloe. It tones up and calms skin, and is available almost for each house. Its leaves should be put in the fridge for several days in order that biostimulants have collected in pulp.

Masks with application of aloe:

  •           leaves to clean, pound 1 with 2 spoons of honey respectively, to hold half an hour;
  •           to mix pulp with lemon juice and egg white, to put with layers, to wash away in 40 minutes.

You should not shelve treatment as complications which will leave hems on face can go. It is better to prevent in time, than to be late absolutely with treatment. Face skin very gentle and always needed protection therefore you should not correct them by means of liquid foundation and powder, it will aggravate situation. When skin does not breathe, there is obstruction therefore the timely solution is required.

The inflamed parts of the face are sign that problems with health are, and it is necessary to start immediately to their elimination. Therefore at once the address to the dermatologist will help to reveal problem at initial stage, will appoint treatment complex.

Complex treatment for the doctor and application of masks from minerals will help to eliminate not only pimples, but also the reason of their emergence. And it is not important what mask you will use: cucumber, from aloe juice, from grapes juice – all of them will be effective only with treatment of the expert. Otherwise you just temporarily heal problem, and later they will start over again disturbing and extending on all person or on separate zones that large amount of inconveniences and complexes will bring.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team