As it is easy to get rid of suntan

As it is easy to get rid of suntan

There comes busy season, and it means that the sun will become more aggressive. Most of people dreams to receive ideal, equal suntan in the flying. However what to do to those who does not want it at all? How to get rid of unsuccessful suntan?

To return pure leather without suntan, it is possible to address folk remedies as it always naturally and safely. Of course, their efficiency will be less, than at saloon means, however after several procedures the effect will be already noticeable.

First, potato will help to get rid of undesirable suntan. For this purpose it is necessary to grind crude potato. Then together with the received juice to apply gruel on necessary parts of the body. The effect after the procedure will be noticeable after several applications.

Secondly, the lemon, to be exact its juice will help with disposal of suntan. But it is necessary to consider that this means will not be suitable for dry and sensitive skin as can cause irritation, reddening and rash. It is necessary to mix small amount of lemon juice with juice of tomato or cucumber. It is possible to add yogurt in addition. The brightest effect is gained at connection of all components in one mask.

Thirdly, the simple cucumber as it is natural clarifier for skin can help with fight against suntan. It is for this purpose rather simple to wipe with it skin. However before the procedure it is worth washing and using carefully face scrub for the best removal of excess fat from skin.

Fourthly, the usual bath quite well helps to get rid of suntan. Once a week is enough to visit there and the effect will not keep itself waiting. However it should be taken into account contraindications – cardiovascular diseases, problems with pressure, individual intolerance of high temperatures.

Besides folk remedies of disposal of suntan, there are also professional cosmetics. This set of face scrubs and body and also any cosmetics which have in themselves abrasive parts. They not only will help to get rid of suntan, but also will have salutary effect on condition of skin as they improve blood circulation and also effectively purify skin. However it is worth remembering that these means need to be selected individually under specific type of skin not to do much harm it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team