As it is exciting to lose weight by flying!

As it is exciting to lose weight by flying!

All of us aim to lose weight at flying. And in race behind the beautiful and tightened figure sometimes it is forgotten that process of weight loss can and has to be healthy. Walk together with the author on 7 steps of healthy finding of symmetry light and elastic step. It is exciting to lose weight by flying - it is so healthy, agree?

  • - good and balanced nutrition;
  • - time for healthy sleep and rest;
  • - sticks for the Scandinavian walking;
  • - measuring tape;
  • - personal psychotherapist.

1. Common sense and accurate planning - here the main ingredients in the recipe of healthy weight loss. Many men and women literally build castles in the air when approach the solution of this question. Try to approach planning of actions for finding of slender body rationally. Avoid emotionally loaded promises ""to dump 30 kilograms in month" "or" "to lose weight exactly twice"". Set achievable and rationally reasonable object. For example: ""by swimming season I intend to remove excess fat from hips and waist, to dump excess 5-7 kg"". The main thing that your task at objective view was from outside perceived as quite realized purpose.

2. Most of modern experts in issue of weight loss meet to opinion that the basic reason of set of excess weight is stress. They argue as follows. The emotional and physical stress is conducted to tension in all organism. Part of energy which was emitted by our body on disposal of toxins and slags, of excessive fats earlier is wasted now, on maintenance of tension in muscles. Means, the main objective healthy weight loss not in to consuming a lot of fat, and in saving organism from consequences of excess stress.

3. Therefore any diets! Restrictions in food nearly the main source of stress for our organism. Adhere to the balanced and good nutrition. Your body, getting rid of excessive tension, needs energy inflow. Just exclude ice cream, cakes and cold sparkling water from the diet. Do not overeat, eat exactly so much how many it is necessary for you to feel vigorous throughout the day.

4. Provide to the ogranizm at most of rest in the course of healthy weight loss. Do not feel sorry for time for dream, during this period, passive for body, it is exempted from toxins and slags, is preparing for conclusion unused by day of fats. You have to sleep not less than 8-10 hours a day. And the basic rule of healthy sleep says: ""you go to bed early and get up early"". It means that at 11:00 in the evening you have to snuffle already with pleasure in the bed, and better rise with the sunrise.

5. One more way of accumulation of energy for disposal of body of stress is active holiday. Developing the program of healthy weight loss, give preference to the exercises and occupations sparing for body. Provide maximum of the movement and mobility for all groups of muscles. Are shown: bicycle walks in the fresh air, the Scandinavian or Nordic walking with sticks, table tennis, badminton, evening exercise with the spouse under the handle, ballroom dances, volleyball. From east the practician are good: chi kung, taytszitsuan, yoga and taypang. The pool is especially good the effect weakening for all body. Are contraindicated: raising of weights in gym, run, martial arts. In general all that causes stress rather, than removes it. You carry out the most part of rest and exercises on air. You remember from school course of physics that the basic formula of burning is oxygen. Do you intend to burn fats? Then provide to organism oxygen inflow.

6. Developing the program of healthy weight loss by flying, let's the subconsciousness accurate and specific installation achieve goals. For this purpose, first, it is necessary to formulate target and final date of the program. For example so: ""I will remove excess volume from waist and I will lose weight by 5 kg by July 20, 2013"". For bigger persuasiveness write this purpose in red felt-tip pen and capital letters on the sheet of the poster and hang up in kitchen. Secondly, use measuring tape for tracking reduction of coverage of hips and waist, keep the daily log where write down morning and evening results of the measurements. Scientists have established that already one it motivates organism on dumping of excessive volumes. You can hang out results under the poster on purpose for descriptive reasons. Celebrate each small victory on reduction of ""stocks"" by waists and hips and big victories will not keep themselves waiting long. And here scales and measurements of weight will cause stress rather, than will lead to its decrease. Therefore present the bathroom scales to the enemy.

7. One more, often not realized source of extra kilos, is the stress caused by psychological injuries from our remote or next past. It can be the injuring situations from the childhood or conflict situations in family and at work. You for certain heard such expression as ""she jams stress" "or" "has sugared the bitter pill piece of cake"". Such irrational behavior, most likely, - consequence of stress in the past. Do not try to find out and the more so to solve this problem independently or with girlfriends. Having found similar source of stress in the life, register in reception to the psychotherapist. Entrust part of work on release of body from the emotional injuring heritage to the professional.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team