As it is good to look in the morning

As it is good to look in the morning

of modern women, without having managed to wake up, already hurry for work. At the same time they catastrophically lack time for making toilet. And so there is no wish, having looked in mirror, to see hypostases on face, dark circles under eyes and too pale or even the become gray skin. To avoid similar problems, it is necessary to follow several simple rules.

How to be prepared for sleeping

Several minutes prior to dream it is necessary to air the bedroom. Nothing so promote quiet healthy sleep as fresh air. Besides, it very well influences condition of skin.

Certainly, each woman knows about need for the night carefully to clean face from cosmetics. After holding cosmetic procedures, it is necessary to put thin layer of night cream on face. At the same time it is not necessary to go to far: too plentifully applied cream will prevent skin to breathe.

To avoid hypostases, it is not necessary to use too large amount of liquid for the night. It is better to refuse salty food as salt detains liquid in organism that just and promotes appearance of hypostases. It is necessary to refuse also evening cup of coffee, it is better to drink it since morning. Also it is not recommended to take before going to bed alcohol and cigarettes. Hair down for the night it is desirable to let that they could have a rest too. It is the best of all to sleep on pillow with silk pillowcase as silk has ability to keep hairstyle. If to the girl has had the luck to be the owner of thick and long hair which is confused in dream, it is possible to braid them to the weak spit.

Morning awakening

Having woken up in the morning, you should not lie in long. The habit to luxuriate under blanket results in apathy and drowsiness for day. Besides, the longer the body is in horizontal position, the leather will spill more slowly. Optimum time for rise 6 – 7 o'clock in the morning are considered, then the organism will be all day in tone. Though this council suits only those who not too late go to bed. Economy on dream yet has added to nobody cheerfulness and health. The contrast shower helps to wake up and cheer up perfectly. Besides, it is useful to rinse face camomile infusion. If around eyes nevertheless there are dark circles, it is possible to put tampons to problem sites, moistened in usual tea tea leaves. In a few minutes traces of tea leaves need to be washed away, and then to apply the moisturizing cream to skin. This simple procedure will also help to smooth small wrinkles and will give to skin healthy and fresh look. It is useful to drink in the morning cup of green tea with lemon, it will encourage at once and will add forces. You should not refuse to yourself and in chocolate piece – it will help to lighten the mood. And the most important – it is necessary to love and be favourite! The happy woman is beautiful always!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team