As it is ideal to make up nails

As it is ideal to make up nails

Correctly applied varnish gives equal, brilliant and uniform covering which keeps several days without chips and scrapes. It is possible to make up nails and in house conditions. It is important to choose good varnish, base and covering, to prepare plates and not to hurry. Haste can ruin even very beautiful manicure.

We choose covering

That nails looked ideally, it is important to pick up suitable varnish. It is the simplest to apply enamel of pastel shade and also varnishes with texture of jelly. They are quickly distributed on nails, without leaving strips. Also means with glitter and also sand textures will approach. They successfully hide small errors of manicure, but demand efforts at washing off. Much more difficult in drawing nacreous, matt and dark glossy lacquers. Their accurate drawing demands skill.

That varnish has laid down exactly, under it it is necessary to put the leveling protective coating. It protects plates from yellowing and strengthens coupling of nail and enamel. Choose base depending on condition of nails. Fragile plates need means with calcium and vitamins, under varnishes with glitter choose base film which will facilitate process of removal of enamel. Uneven, ridge nails can be covered with the basis doing nail to more smooth and it is necessary to put it in two layers.

Surely get upper covering with effect of gloss. It will give to manicure additional luster and will protect varnish from chips. The covering with effect of drying - it is very convenient not only enhances gloss, but also accelerates varnish hardening. Two-three layers of enamel completely will dry in 7-10 minutes.

We paint nails by rules

Before starting coloring, level length of nails and give them the necessary form. Best of all varnish keeps on slightly rounded off plates. Remove cuticle. Varnish which has got on it looks very untidy and spoils appearance of manicure. Level plates by means of polishing file. Apply protective base on nails and dry it. Turn vial of varnish and rub it between palms. Such reception will help means to mix up, enamel will become uniform. If varnish has thickened, dilute with its couple of drops of special liquid. Too dense varnish will unevenly lay down, besides it long dries. Gain necessary amount of varnish on brush. Too dry brush will leave strips and bald spots, and the excessive amount of enamel will spread on nails and will soil fingers. Put brush in the center of nail, and then accurately push it to the basis, exactly depicting the line of cuticle. Then carry out strip to free edge. Paint over side parts of nail two equal dabs. Let's varnish dry, and then put the second layer of means. If varnish translucent, it is worth putting also the third layer. In conclusion dip brush in bottle, rub off it about neck and carefully paint over nail face. The procedure is especially important when putting dark and bright varnishes. If you use enamel with glitter, miss this point. Apply thick layer of upper covering with effect of gloss on slightly dried nails. If you use top drying, impose it on not dried varnish. You watch that the brush has not greased covering. Let's manicure dry. For process acceleration the fingers can be lowered in cold water for 1-2 minutes. Within half an hour preserve nails against contact with firm objects not to scratch svezhenanesenny varnish.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team