As it is long possible to sunbathe in sunbed

As it is long possible to sunbathe in sunbed

The tightened suntanned body for many remains beauty ideal. And if there is no opportunity to find beautiful chocolate suntan, luxuriating on the sea coast, many ladies go behind it to sunbed. In pursuit of beauty try not to do much harm to the health.

How to be prepared for visit of sunbed

In order that suntan in sunbed has brought only benefit, visit the doctor and be convinced that the similar procedure is admissible for you. Some diseases are incompatible with strong radiation by ultraviolet. The hypertension, dermatitis, various diseases of liver, intake of some medicines which increase susceptibility of skin will become obstacle in way to sunbed.

Going to sunbed, take care of protection of the skin. Taking shower before session, do not use soap that it has not destroyed fat protective film without which you risk to burn. The epilation also should be made the day before, but not how you need to be going to salon. You do not aim to become for one session "chocolate" - use special protective cream which, though will reduce action of ultraviolet, but at the same time will save your skin from aggressive influence and dehydration. The usual means protecting from ultra-violet radiation which you have got used to use in the flying on vacation do not approach. Cosmetics has to be developed especially for visit of sunbed.

As it is long possible to sunbathe

The number of minutes which you can spend to sunbeds depends on type and condition of your skin. If you pale and with set of freckles, your skin easily reddens and burns even in the weak sun, you the natural blonde or light-red, to you is recommended not to sunbathe, and to use autosuntan to achieve desirable shade. If you are resolute in the intention to visit sunbed, your first session has to last no more than three minutes. The subsequent should not exceed ten minutes. White-skinned and light-haired girls with minimum of freckles can spend under lamp a little more time. This type also burns pretty fast therefore the first session is recommended to make short – only three-five minutes, but then time under lamp can last up to fifteen minutes. For girls with light or olive skin, but at the same time chestnut-colored, nutbrown or black hair, time of stay in sunbed can last up to twenty minutes. If you well transfer stay to the sun and practically never burn, then later couple of sessions you will gain magnificent suntan. In spite of the fact that you perfectly perceive ultraviolet, do not forget to use protective cosmetics, and after each procedure moisturize the skin that it was not only beautiful, but also healthy.

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