As it is necessary to do manicure

As it is necessary to do manicure

Hands are not less informative business card of the woman, than her face. It is possible to determine type of work, age and the owner's habits by them. Therefore beautiful manicure is not luxury, but only one of ways to look good. For its creation it is not obligatory to visit beauty shop at all, it is possible to take care of himself and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - means for removal of cuticle;
  • - cuticle scissors;
  • - nail file;
  • - basis for varnish;
  • - nail varnish;
  • - fixer.


1. Before doing manicure, prepare nails. For this purpose remove from them residues of varnish if that is available, and give the desirable form. Remember that all nails have to be identical length therefore be guided by the shortest among the others.

2. The shape of nails can be any, fashionable restrictions in it just do not exist. But the nails undermined ovally, not too sharp and long are considered as classical option.

3. Do not do manicure directly after exit of the bathroom and do not steam out hand, trying to combine useful procedures for skin and nails at once. The nails which have undergone thermal treatment at contact with the grinding tool can burst, break or form hangnails. Therefore it is necessary to process them prior to procedure of steaming.

4. After the form is created, start cuticle. There are several options of how to make the correct manicure. Its cut version has already lost relevance therefore use tweezers only for removal of hangnails. The rest of cuticle either steams out, or is greased with special means for its softening then it is accurately removed by means of special tools up.

5. After that nails are ready to covering varnish. Put the first basis, it will make the general tone more uniform. Each layer before drawing the subsequent has to dry. The basis is followed by basic tone and the layer of the fixing substance protecting varnish from premature stratifying finishes manicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team