As it is necessary to eat to lose weight

Often to the people not familiar with problems of excess weight, apparently, what to lose weight very easily: it is necessary to eat some vegetables and kefir and is not after six at all. But strict diets and restrictions in food not only are inefficient for weight loss, but also are harmful. Cruel tortures over stomach help to achieve the necessary weight in short terms, but once you relax a little, and kilograms return in double size. It is necessary to grow thin correctly, and for this purpose it is necessary to eat well.


1. Remember that the strict diet causes damage to health and metabolism that cannot but be reflected in your figure further. If your purpose is to lose weight forever and to remain at the same time the healthy person, it is necessary to have patience and to begin to eat the healthy, nutritious, enriched with vitamins and minerals food, conforming to certain rules.

2. It is impossible to change sharply diet not to subject organism to stress. Begin with small, do not change the menu considerably. For example, begin to put in coffee not heavy cream, but skim milk, and replace roll with breakfast with piece of rye bread. Do not refuse all tasty products, just gradually replace them with something less harmful: instead of candy eat banana, instead of sugar put honey in tea, instead of mayonnaise add low-fat sour cream to salad. If you love coffee, try to replace it with chicory – they almost do not differ in taste, but the last is much more useful. As a last resort, drink no more than one cup a day, the same concerns also some black tea. If it is difficult to refuse butter or mayonnaise, buy low-calorie options of these products.

3. Do not refuse completely food, tasty for you, even if it is harmful: it is possible to afford small piece of smoked fish or sausage, glass of sweet sparkling water on holidays, pastries on days off. Otherwise you can break and begin to eat such products in unlimited number that will nullify all efforts. Just limit consumption of such food.

4. Eat more often, but it is less. In day you have to have at least five meals, at the same time impose small portions on plate and stop eating before have felt saturation. It is known that sense of fulness comes in half an hour after meal. Carefully chew food – so it is better acquired, and you will quicker feel full.

5. Most important meal the breakfast is: the correct breakfast saturates organism with the necessary substances and gives energy, promotes consumption of smaller number of calories in day, increases the level of leptin, hormone which suppresses appetite. If you miss breakfast, it will be difficult for you to refuse pack of chips or sweet roll during the day. The breakfast surely has to include proteins, complex carbohydrates and fats. Eat porridge, grain cereals, cottage cheese, fruit, milk, eggs, vegetables, fish, bread from coarse flour.

6. The lunch has to be full-fledged too, but no more caloric, than breakfast. It is not necessary to remove meat from diet, especially in the winter, just buy low-fat meat – instead of pork - fish, ground beef or chicken. Have supper easy food: low-fat fish, vegetables, fruit.

7. Change way of cooking: begin to steam vegetables, to fry nothing, and to bake or extinguish. Put in dishes a little less salt, than usually. And, above all – eat always fresh food. Therefore it is always necessary to prepare exactly so much how many you will be able to use for once. It is proved that the warmed yesterday's food does not bring benefit, and litters with toxins organism.

8. Try to drink more water, and not at meal time, and in breaks. Clear water – useful product for the person. Experts even advise to begin day with glass of the water drunk on an empty stomach as it warms intestines washes out it. It is desirable to drink its warm, right after awakening.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team