As it is necessary to have a shave

As it is necessary to have a shave

The nature has awarded men with plentiful vegetation on face who should be shaved nearly every day. But quite often as a result of shaving there are cuts and irritations which bring lot of unpleasant feelings. To remove excess indumentum from face, there are enough five minutes and several movements of edge, but only provided that you consider rules of competent shaving.

It is required to you

  • - razor;
  • - foam or gel;
  • - cologne or lotion;
  • - towel.


1. Before starting shaving, it is necessary to soften properly face skin and the formed bristle, for this purpose you need hot water. Carefully wash face moderately hot water, it is possible to use hot towel which should be heated previously.

2. It is more reasonable to use cream, foam or shaving gel, they do not contain soap, respectively will not dry face skin. Squeeze out small amount of means for shaving on hand and smear on bristle even layer. Regularly change edge as stupid can cause the strongest irritation on skin because of what many men cease to have a shave and carry beard.

3. Take edge under hot water jet and start shaving, since area of cheeks and going from top to down. The site of neck it is necessary to shave from below up, it turns out that you move on growth of hair. Plus such way of shaving – lack of irritation, but at the same time some sites can remain insufficiently shaved.

4. After you have shaved the main length of bristle, grease face with foam or gel and shave the remains against growth of hair. If you follow these recommendations, the ideal smoothness of the person will be provided to you. Chin and mustache shave in the same way, but start them at the latest moment as hair in these mints more rigid, and they need to give more time that they were softened under the influence of foam or gel. You should not forget to wash out razor edge hot water jet after one-two passes on the person.

5. After completion of process of shaving wash away the means remains hot water and check face for the remains of not shaved bristle. If those are available, accurately become kinder them (it is possible even without foam use). Quite often there are difficulties with shaving of sites near nose and also the line of chin from ears to neck. Try to approach each not pro-shaven site individually, selecting at the same time different corners under which it is possible to shave the remained hairs.

6. After washing by cool water wipe dry face and use cologne for disinfection or lotion. It is not desirable to apply cream after shaving as it is fraught with emergence of fatty tumors.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team