As it is necessary to puncture language

As it is necessary to puncture language

Language piercing became the ordinary phenomenon among youth for a long time. But it is always worth remembering that any punctures and cuts are injuries which consequences can be the most deplorable. Before deciding on the similar procedure, you need to ask all acquaintances who already wear ornament in language and to listen to the recommendations of medical specialists.

It is required to you

  • - ornament for piercing.


  1. The procedure of puncture of language is quite painful and dangerous. Several days after it it is difficult to talk and eat food. Piercing is capable to spoil forever your diction and to deprive of part of flavoring feelings.
  2. Trust holding procedure only to professionals in salons with the license for this type of activity. If at puncture injure one of large arteries, you will lose a lot of blood. And doing piercing in house conditions, you can bring infection. There were cases when procedures came to an end with lethal outcome.
  3. If you have happily endured operation of puncture, still early to breathe a sigh of relief. In the course of healing of wound there can be suppuration and inflammation of both the language, and fabrics next to it. Quite often there are gingivita, stomatitises and paradontita, especially, if the procedure was carried out by the unskilled expert.
  4. Pay attention to reddenings, strong morbidity, release of pus from wound, swelling of fabrics and the other similar phenomena. Having noticed at least one of inflammation symptoms, urgently go to policlinic.
  5. If piercing is carried out in insanitary conditions, you can fall victim and more serious pathologies. Doctors face such consequences of unqualified punctures as infectious inflammation of tissues of heart, hepatitis B and AIDS.
  6. Examine the place where carry out the procedure of piercing. Pay attention to sterility of conditions and accuracy of the expert, his clothes. Surgical instruments have to be disposable.
  7. Carefully choose also ornament for piercing. Experts recommend products on bars from flexible plastic and titanic. Only they can provide safe hypoallergenic carrying and fast healing. Select ornament, proceeding from thickness of language and depth of puncture. The recommended size – 18-25 mm.
  8. Bars of such length will not disturb you during healing, to rub and disturb wound. The first 2-3 weeks you will need to have near at hand antiseptic solution for care for piercing. Rinse it mouth after each meal. Do not eat hot, salty, acid and hot dishes. In the morning after toothbrushing and in the evening before going to bed Q-tip grease opening with Miramistin.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team