As it is necessary to sunbathe in sunbed

As it is necessary to sunbathe in sunbed

It is possible to have beautiful and equal suntan even in the winter when on the street the sun practically does not shine. For this purpose it is necessary to visit sunbed. That the tone of skin has turned out equal, it is necessary to follow some rules.


1. In several hours before visit of sunbed take shower with neutral gel or the moistening skin. It is impossible to go to sauna as skin comes out moisture that can cause reddening, peeling and even burn after the procedure.

2. And usual cream you do not apply srubs, masks on body – it can negatively affect tone and flatness of suntan. Also do not use spirits and deodorants as they contain chemicals which interact with ultraviolet.

3. At the first visit of sunbed consult with the expert about duration and intensity of the procedure. It is possible to sunbathe not more often than every other day. Usually there are enough 8 sessions, then it is possible to visit sunbed of times a week to set tone.

4. Before beginning to take "solar" baths, apply professional cream which will help to avoid reddening and drying of skin. If you want to sunbathe topless, on nipples paste special disposable stikin (special stickers for protection auras). It is not recommended to be in sunbed without them, especially after 30 flyings when age changes in mammary glands begin to happen.

5. Put on hat the head not to subject hair to negative impact of ultraviolet. And protect eyes special glasses. The burn of mucous membrane can also arise therefore do not neglect means of protection.

6. After the procedure apply suntan developer on body. Then use special fixer that the chocolate skin color has remained much longer instead of usual milk.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team