As it is necessary to sunbathe

As it is necessary to sunbathe

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Not only it is possible to sunbathe and luxuriate on the beach in the flying, but also in other season there is a wish to get out of paws of snow and severe winter to the solar countries. It is pleasant to acquire tan and it is useful, but only following certain rules. Otherwise it is possible to sadden rest by burns on skin or sunstroke.

  1. Do you have heap of free time? Do not hope to sunbathe completely in the first day of stay on the beach, you can easily burn down as skin has weaned during the winter from sunshine. Suntan – business thin therefore demands the special strategic plan. The most favorable time for suntan – to eleven o'clock in the morning and after four o'clock in the evening, at this particular time the solar activity moderate is also safe for skin.
  2. Not to get solar burns, accustom body to direct beams gradually, since five-ten minutes a day. Gradually increase stay time for the sun. You should not hope that the umbrella will protect you from ultraviolet rays, it at all not so, they pass even through protection.
  3. Arm with special cosmetics and act with all care to minimize harm from stay in the sun. Buy sunblock cream, spray or oil in drugstore or specialized shop. These means have to contain substances which block receipt ultra-violet radiation in organism. On creams there is designation with the index of protection, the more indicator, the protection level is more.
  4. Important not only correctly to pick up sun-protection means, but also to competently use it. Apply cream from suntan on body for half an hour to exit to the beach. As all convex parts are exposed to the toughest solar attack, it is necessary to grease carefully forehead, nose, knees, breast and shoulders. Rub cream with circular motions, the layer has to be uniform. If fire is followed by bathing, update protective layer through each three calling water.
  5. It is not recommended to put on by the principle the well, the better. Give preference to light, free and natural fabrics. Put on hat with wide fields the head, do not forget about sunglasses, not only to body, but also eyes need protection against the sun. Do not satisfy thirst with alcoholic and cold beverages, take with yourself bottle of the water acidified by lemon juice better.

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