As it is possible in house conditions to straighten hair

As it is possible in house conditions to straighten hair

It is not obligatory to go to beauty shop to find the straight, brilliant and streaming hair, as in commercials. It is enough to conform to the simple rules on leaving, and you will be able to make your locks direct and obedient even in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • - nutritious shampoo with effect of smoothing of hair;
  • - the straightening mousse or cream;
  • - mousse for giving of volume;
  • - hair dryer with power from 1800 W with air ionization function;
  • - iron for hair with ceramic covering.


  1. Use special nutritious shampoos and means against unruly hair to smooth their structure and afterwards with ease to separate locks from each other. After washing dry hair towel. You should not pound them: it is rather simple to absorb excess moisture and to allow them to dry up independently. Further it is necessary to put a little means for laying - the straightening mousse or cream. Wait several minutes and let's the turned-out mask impregnate hair. Now it is possible to arm safely with the hair dryer and to start directly process of creation of the necessary laying.
  2. Apply a little mousse for giving of volume on roots of hair and dry up the head phenom. Try to incline it down to raise hair at the roots. It is desirable to use when drying the hair dryer with round wooden brush with natural bristle. The hair dryer has to be professional, with power from 1800 W. It is good if it supports functions of ionization and cooling of air. It will allow to provide more careful hair straightening without their damages. In process of drying the scales of hair which have revealed during washing will begin to be closed, and you feel how hair become more direct, silky and nice on the touch.
  3. Use the iron to straighten separate locks. It is better to choose the device with ceramic covering as it practically does not do harm to hair. It is better to straighten them already in almost dry state right after thermoprotective spray is applied.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team