As it is possible to bleach teeth hydrogen peroxide

As it is possible to bleach teeth hydrogen peroxide

Bleaching of teeth by means of peroxide of hydrogen is rather simple, inexpensive and effective procedure. But before starting similar actions in house conditions, it is necessary to study features of use of various ways based on use of peroxide.

There are different ways of bleaching of teeth by means of hydrogen peroxide in house conditions.

The first way is based on rinsing of mouth by hydrogen peroxide which gets divorced from water in the ratio 1:1. 3 minutes later after toothbrushing it is necessary to rinse mouth the turned-out solution, and then also water to wash away residues of the bleaching mix. This procedure should be carried out few times in day, using after it the remineralizing gel. The greatest effect can achieve, uniting rinsing by hydrogen peroxide solution with the bleaching toothpaste containing the smallest abrasive parts. It is necessary to carry out similar procedures not longer than week then the break, is necessary not less than 2 weeks.

Other way of bleaching of teeth is based on their cleaning by hydrogen peroxide. The similar procedure is more effective, than rinsing. When using brush, peroxide gets more deeply into enamel in this connection teeth are bleached quicker. The cleaning solution is prepared from usual tooth-powder and peroxide of hydrogen (3%) in the ratio 1:1. Ingredients mix up and used as toothpaste 2 times a day. After such toothbrushing of companies it is necessary to rinse carefully.

Paste should not be used longer than week. And after its pro-procession the course of remineralization of enamel of teeth is obligatory.

One more way of bleaching of teeth assumes use of peroxide of hydrogen and soda. It is necessary to brush teeth at the same time the brush moistened in peroxide and strewed with soda pinch. After that teeth are brushed once again, but already by means of usual paste. Similar events of times a day within week are held.

The first way of bleaching least of all harms teeth, the second – more, the third – as much as possible.

It is not recommended to use hydrogen peroxide to children till 12 flyings. Adults, having felt discomfort and burning during the bleaching procedure, have to stop it. It is not recommended to bleach teeth at recently made piercing in language, and also in the presence in mouth of deep wounds and sores for which healing it is necessary to wait. Peroxide of hydrogen is useful only to the smallest wounds. And healing is promoted by concentration of solution not stronger than 3%. Stronger concentration are capable to cause burns and tumors. That the efficiency of bleaching of teeth was high, it is necessary to use fresh peroxide. At long storage and contact with air it can lose the activity. Before the procedure of bleaching it is necessary to check skin reaction to the bleaching components. Only after it it is possible to start realization of goal.

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