As it is possible to braid long hair

As it is possible to braid long hair

Long hair can be braided in braids, they will give to shape special charm, will emphasize beauty and femininity. The hairstyle from braids is appropriate on festive actions, at work and at home.


  1. French you kosavydelit three locks and begin to do usual plait. At everyone the subsequent interlacing need to add hair to extreme locks on the right and at the left. It is possible to begin weaving with the top or from temples.
  2. Braid in kosesoberita nape hair, from lump allocate small part, braid it to the spit. The rest should be braided too. At you two braids – thin and thick have to turn out. Fan thick around thin, fix hairstyle by hairpins.
  3. Braid from zhgutovsoberita hair in tail, divide them into three parts. Twist the right lock plait counterclockwise and fix. Twist the central part in the same way, further twist left. Impose clockwise the left lock on two others. Impose part of hair which has appeared at the left now on other locks. Such equipment do plait up to the end.
  4. Petals from kosvydelita part of hair from the left side, the others remove in tail. From free weave the French braid, collecting in it hair only on the right. Now allocate locks on the right side and braid them also, but taking away to the spit hair at the left. Thus alternate the parties while free there is no central part of hair. Braid free curls to the French spit, interweaving into it hair on both sides. As a result on nape at you small braids have to be formed, they should be connected and decorated with bow or hairpin.
  5. DrakonchikZacheshite hair forward, begin to do with nape to the top the French plait. From the top begin to do usual plait, fix it by imperceptible elastic band and fill under the French.
  6. KoronaRascheshite hair and evenly distribute them around. Begin to do the French plait from occipital part, take hair only on the one hand, spin around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team