As it is possible to cut off hair independently

As it is possible to cut off hair independently

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To cut off hair to itself it is difficult, but is quite real. Some people are convinced that it is bad sign. Allegedly cutting off own hair, you shorten to yourself life. But if you have no opportunity or means to visit the hairdresser, or you do not take out when someone the stranger touches your head of hear, try to cut off hair independently.

It is required to you


  1. Wash up hair with conditioner, accurately comb them by means of hairbrush with rare teeths. To facilitate combing and not to do much harm to hair, it is possible to apply on them small amount of the soft moisturizing cream or to sprinkle protective spray.
  2. Take away hair in hard and high tail one elastic band. Comb tail. Fasten with other elastic band the ends of hair, having left free the ends of locks which you are going to cut off.
  3. Prepare sharply ground scissors, it is desirable that they were professional, intended for hairstyle of hair. The more sharply scissors, the accurater it will turn out to shear hair.
  4. Bend forward to throw hair under review. Cut off hair near elastic band. Such way assumes uneven edges of hair, but it does hair natural, natural, beautiful.
  5. It is also possible to cut independently and bang if it suits you. The bang gives to image youth and does it finished. It is better to cut bang when hair are dried completely up and laid. So what do you do not risk to make it too short.
  6. Allocate with hairbrush hair for bang. Begin to cut off small locks, beginning from edge of hair to the center. At first cut off one half of hair, then another. In conclusion straighten edges of bang.

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