As it is possible to improve appearance at teenage age

As it is possible to improve appearance at teenage age

Teenagers can not always brag of effective appearance. The disproportionate figure, pimples and other shortcomings add diffidence. However the correct face care and small amount of cosmetics will help to give more attractive look that is especially important for young girls.


1. Basis of the correct personal care - hygiene. At teenage age the sweat glands work especially actively therefore shower needs to be taken at least two times a day. Use the soft soap, gel or cream for shower which are not drying skin. Pick up flavourless good deodorant and use it every morning after washing.

2. Put skin in order. If on face there are inflammations, address the dermatologist - the doctor will prescribe the lotion or gel drying pimples. Do not self-medicate - it can aggravate problem. It is possible to remove excess fat content by means of antibacterial gels for the washing, tonics which are not containing alcohol, srubs on the basis of sugar or salt.

3. It is possible to use special series for teenagers - the means entering them contain tea tree oil, extracts of green tea, aloe and camomile, talc and salicylic acid. Correctly picked up cosmetics matts skin, reducing activity of sebaceous glands, prevents appearance of pimples and accelerates healing of already arisen inflammations.

4. Pick up suitable decorative cosmetics. Foundations, blush and powder are not necessary to young girls. But they need the easy tinting emulsion with the moistening effect, concealer and the matting napkins. By means of these means you will be able to level tone of skin, to hide inflammations, to remove greasy luster.

5. Use make-up pointwise, without putting it on all face. Eyes can be emphasized with colored pencils on gel basis - they will replace both shadows, and eyeliner. Do not forget about the ink extending eyelashes and giving them volume. Instead of habitual black ink choose fashionable color, it looks funny and emphasizes young charm of the person.

6. If you carry briquettes, refuse the bright lipstick drawing attention to lips. The best option - nonsticky translucent gloss of gentle shades or colourless balm. For priglazhivaniye of disobedient eyebrows pick up gel which will pacify the sticking-out hairs and will give to the face accurate look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team