As it is possible to make temporary tattoo

As it is possible to make temporary tattoo

Summer – long-awaited time when it is possible to experiment at last with the appearance. However, if you risk to make constant tattoo, it is worth remembering that it will remain for the rest of life. Perhaps, afterwards you will regret for the impulsive act dictated by syuiminutny desire or whimsical fashion. Therefore fans of ardent experiments can use such interesting alternative as temporary tattoo. If you have at least the minimum skills of drawing, you can quite make such tattoo in house conditions.

Before deciding to do temporary tattoo, it is also desirable to weigh pluses and minuses of such way of decoration of body.

Advantages of temporary tattoo are:

- possibility of easy removal of the drawing in case it is not pleasant to you any more; - opportunity to experiment, for example, to put various tattoos on the same part of body and then to estimate the had effect on people around;

- even the solid person holding senior position is able to afford to do temporary tattoo during holiday; - to apply such image to body absolutely it is not sick; - the temporary tattoo is absolutely safe for health, zagniyeniye and infections of skin and also other by-effects possible at drawing the real tattoo are excluded. However, the temporary tattoo has also shortcomings: color of the drawing quickly grows dull. If you are not sure whether it is worth doing constant tattoo or not, at first make temporary, and then be defined whether it is necessary for you. If you are afraid that you do not have sufficient skills in drawing, you put the drawing on cliche or address in tattoo salon. To make high-quality temporary tattoo, special ingredients and tools can be necessary.

There are several ways of drawing temporary tattoo: - to draw the drawing on body by means of gel pen with thin core or marker; - to make translated tattoo, having bought in specialized salon of tattoo sticker; - to do Mende tattoo, that is tattoo which is put with henna. So how independently to do Mende tattoo. First, it is necessary to find henna. Usual, intended for hair-dyeing, will not be suitable for drawing temporary tattoo. Look for henna in phytodrugstore or in shop of vegetable cosmetics. It is the simplest to find for this henna in India or on the African markets. There it is possible to buy this product in tubes. Good henna differs in high milling and light green shade. Before putting tattoo, well degrease skin by means of alcohol or soap. Besides, remove hairs from the painted site. Then prepare paste from henna. Fill up several spoons of coffee or tea in boiled water and you cook mix on weak fire about 1 hour. Sift henna through small strainer and pour into hot tea leaves. That weight became dense and viscous, it is possible to add to it sugar. In the conclusion add juice of lemon or lime to mix. On consistence ready paste has to resemble toothpaste. Cool mix not less than 3 hours and add to it 1 drop of essential oil. Now it is possible to start creation of the drawing on body. Put contours with white pencil for make-up, if necessary use special cliche. Apply with brush on contours thick paste from henna. When it dries, 1.5-2 hours later scrape off it. After that you dry tattoo in heat, humidifying with the sweetened lemon juice. In conclusion wipe ready tattoo with eucalyptus oil. Such Mende the tattoo, made in house conditions, will hold on about 2 weeks.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team